Music Releases of 2017


Young Fathers have dropped a new single and I’m transcending right now


I’m not sure how many SOPHIE fans frequent Waypoint, but I am loving the new direction she’s taking!


I really like the new DVSN album.


Ace Waters did an album of chillwave sonic covers, Gotta Go Slow. It is Very Good.



What a surprising year.


Not an album but Intrepid by Pinegrove released recently and its real nice. Check it if you’re into indie-folk stuff with some hints of punk. If you like this then check out their other recent stuff like Cardinal.

That good middle.


“the road less traveled wasn’t gravel for safety”


Just discovered this – Chip Tanaka, one of the famed composers of Earthbound, has released a new album (his first apparently).


New Baths New Baths NEW BATHS

It’s bright and airy and I cried listening to it yesterday so you know it’s good.


One of my favorite video/song combos of the year, form what is definitely my album of the year.


“Level Up” by Rexx Life Raj. I’m new to his work. But I ain’t mad at the video game-like hook.


Forgot to mention it when it released in August but IGLOOGHOST’s LP got dropped


I like Vince Staples new album and of course Kendrick’s. There’s some solid rap music this year. That Tribe Called Quest album!!!

I like Smoke Season and their new song keeps me on board.

I also enjoy the new albums for Allie X and Lights. There’s a lot of really good music this year. I always forget until I really think about it and then I could just post video after video on here. And this.


Damn, I need to get this. Thanks for the reminder


Not sure how many of you are hip hop heads. Jaden Smith released his debut album.

It’s not just hiphop however, it’s a lot of things. I’m actually quite surprised.


I listened to Icon and was actually pretty impressed. About to start listening to the whole album.


I’ve only listed to B, L, U and E but so far but I’m liking it a lot.

U in particular is pretty awesome, I’d be extremely into a whole album that sounded like that.


Tame Impala released a bunch of B-sides from Currents that I am really into. Desperate for a new album, but this will definitely do for now.


The new King Gizzard album is the best thing they’ve ever put out.


Jesus I forgot that the new Big Boi was a 2017 release. This year has felt like a goddamned century.

Still super-down with this album though.