Music Releases of 2017


Me In Glue is my favorite song on the new Tough Age album. They’re a three-piece punk band from Toronto who draw a lot on pop and post-punk. Whole album fucking shreds plus their poster hangs above Archie Andrew’s bed in Riverdale season one.


Yes Pinegrove! Did you check out Lomelda’s album from earlier this year too? One of my favourites.

EDIT: quack quack - Oh look, it’s our old friend the milkshake duck, right on time!


I don’t know if this has already been mentioned here, but I couldn’t find it in a search so I’d like to mention the new Cunninlynguists album, it’s pretty damn good!

I don’t know, I’m really digging it!

Here’s the bandcamp page:


Never listened to Lomelda before this post, now I’m listening to Thx over and over.

This milkshake duck might hurt the most…


The new Emancipator came out last week and I think it might be my favourite album of his. It’s definitely close.


I’ve been really digging Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile’s album. Going to be chilling to this all summer (my seasons are probably opposite yours).

Been enjoying the new St. Vincent and King Krule albums too.

On top of that I’ve just recently subbed to Spotify & started using it regularly again at work (my boss said it’s ok <3 ) so I’ve been digging into all the newer things from Arca, Lapalux, Baths, and Foals that I’ve missed.

@Gametehead Linked Kelala and listening to it, it’s touching on all the reasons why I fell in love with FKA Twigs.


Man thank you. I hit play and my soul is renewed <3


So labels and beat enthusiasts Shelledtapes and Zerosystem released a new project.

It’s a 44 track project featuring 44 artists & their mastery of hiphop songs/instrumentals/beats.

I know they’ve been working on this for awhile but woah.


It’s so good! She opened for Pinegrove when they played Glasgow. And yeah, this really does suck, though Ducktails was a like an anvil to the stomach for me too.


ive been milkshake ducked twice in this thread ):


Finally got around to the new QOTSA album and it’s really good. Took a while but after listening to …Like Clockwork they’ve really grown on me. And that Courtney Barnett-Kurt Vile collaboration is pretty good as well!


update: they’ve put out a video and it’s beautiful


Hey what’s that? You really wanted to see a group of fourteen year olds perform a thrash metal song condemning colonial confiscations sung in Te Reo Māori? With closed caption english subtitles? Don’t worry you’re covered


Hey, so that new Björk album is real good.


the new Baths album is absolutely amazing. his composition and lyrics have just gotten stronger and stronger and honestly i think this is a strong contender for AOTY for me


@ligeti and @jaguar I am having so much trouble getting into either of these albums. I’ve kind of bounced off Bjork in the past, but I just want to like more wandering ethereal music! Maybe it’s just not for me.


that’s wild, i was thinking to myself about how this one feels like his most accessible sound yet. tons of pop sensibility


I guess what I mean is that it’s a bit too light and synth-y for me (which I get is kind of the point of this kind of music). I’m really only starting to get into this kind of music, so maybe I’ll give it another go soon when I can focus a bit more.


I totally get it! As popular as her work might be, it’s totally an acquired taste. Not to mention that her more recent albums have been notoriously less accessible than her stuff from the 90’s. I guess, for me, my favorite sorts of singers are people like Sinead O’Connor, Frances Quinlan (from Hop Along), and Dave Longstreth because of how they are able to elicit an emotionality out of their performances through what would typically be seen as “flawed” technique – and Björk totally occupies that same space in my mind. There’s just something about the feeling I get when she goes in on a song like “5 Years” or “The Bachelorette” that always leaves me wanting to binge on more of her work.

Even then, despite loving all things art pop and eclectic singing, it literally took me years to finally get into Björk. What worked for me was listening to a bunch of her earlier singles (e.g. Hyperballad, Joga, Venus as a Boy), and then just diving into whichever album seemed the most appealing to me (Homogenic was my choice). After all that, I came out realizing that I did, in fact, love her music, but just had a lot of difficulty easing myself into it before.

If her stuff just isn’t for you, that’s totally cool and I get it completely. If, however, you think you want to keep trying to get into her work, I would recommend starting way earlier: Debut, Post, and Homogenic are often cited as the best starting points for approaching her music. Or perhaps you may want to check out some her older videos first, like the ones for “Hyperballad,” “It’s Oh So Quiet,” or “Venus as a Boy.” Just don’t force yourself to feel like there’s something you’re not getting if you find it just doesn’t appeal to you – opinions toward her music have been divisive since Debut!


there’s a really good quote from either david byrne or brian eno on this! it boils down to, the thing that the ear likes about distortion on guitar applies equally if not more so to a human voice. the notion that something is straining up against its own boundaries makes the ear naturally empathize with it. when a singer’s voice breaks, the resultant sound is only possible by pushing their voice and body as hard as possible and the brain inherently understands that when it hears it.