Music Releases of 2017


Ooooh I love this! :heart_eyes:


If you like RnB and or soul. Jowin just released his Great Guy DX ep.

It sounds like 90s inspired RnB with smooth synth pop productions. Also it’s very much happy music <3


yaeji’s new ep bangs


There’s a band here in Nashville called Body Origami that blows my mind with every release. They transition between different time signatures so smoothly and their music makes me want to sing along, cry, and smile all at once.

Heads up this song ends pretty abruptly because it’s intended to flow right into the abum’s closing track.


I realised at the very beginning of this year that what I wanted to do was music journalism, and I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to do it under a vaguely semi-professional capacity. It also just so happens that 2017 was a great year for music, if not for much else in the wider world. How are everyone else’s year-end lists looking?


WOWOWOW Lomelda is so good!! Thank you so much for posting about it here!

Her vocal affectations and the stunted rhythms make me feel nostalgic for memories I don’t have and it’s wonderful.


I would say right now my fave releases are looking like (in no order)

Endon - Through The Mirror
Octo Octa - Where Are We Going?
Phew - Light Sleep
Kaqriyo Terror Architect - Kagome Kagome/Hybrid Taboo
Priests - Nothing Feels Natural
Gate To Otherside - Dragon Bus Terminal
Red Velvet - Perfect Velvet
Red Velvet - Rookie
Thee Oh Sees - Orc

congrats on being able to write a little bit! that’s awesome.


god this year was ridiculous. i had to make this a top 40 just to feel good about it, and that’s knowingly not having listened to some stuff yet this year i know i’ll love (namely the Graham Lambkin releases and Scum Fuck Flower Boy).


how are you making this board? i kind of want to recap my year too.


After 5 years Diablo Swing Orchestra just released a new album with their new vocalist. They continue to be bizarre in the best ways.

#312 it is a shockingly ugly website but it functions pretty well



Charli XCX is doing ANOTHER MIXTAPE with PC music and it’s coming out next week!


Definitely Father John Misty’s album Pure Comedy.


Did a quick search and didn’t see this yet, so if this is a repeat, please accept my half-hearted apology.

Do Make Say Think’s new record Stubborn Persistent Illusions:

Pre-ordered the record, forgot about it, and then came home one day to it waiting for me. I swear this did no leave the turntable for two weeks straight.


this just rolls huh. this is rad.


Honestly, I was afraid to listen to this album being that it was their first in like 8 years. I was honestly afraid that this would be the first album of theirs that didn’t slay.

I am so glad I was wrong.


nakinyko, the only good anime mashups creator on youtube, just released a zip file of their work from the past 4 years! very excited to see what’s on here that didn’t get posted (available for free, link in the video description)


I really enjoyed unlock it, but the more recent I Got It just doesn’t work for me. I usually like when she gets more experimental, vroom vroom is still probably my favorite work from her, but this new track is just too much.


I just saw Black Thought’s freestyle and I think I need a nap or something to recover because HOLY SHIT: