Music Releases of 2017


So many awesome recommendations here and it is deeply reminding me how uncool and out of touch I’ve become on the wrong side of my 20s.

I like the new Mastodon and Depeche Mode albums from this year.


This Station is Non-Operational is a really good ATDI primer if you are interested


I’m just glad he’s making stuff that sounds like Sonic Youth.

I still miss SY quite a bit.


Was Sonic Nurse their last thing? I really enjoyed both Murray St and that.


Their last proper album was The Eternal. Their last release while they were still together was the soundtrack to a French film, Simon Werner a Disparu.

There’s been some old live stuff and jam sessions released since the split as well.


I guess I also have issues with the way Thurston Moore treated Kim Gordon that have stopped me from getting into their stuff, another reason why I haven’t kept up.


DAMN although not quite the followup I expected/wanted from Kendrick is some quality hip-hop. ENDLESS and his 2017 singles (esp biking) by Frank Ocean has been getting some rotation also (arguably his best songs are in that “video album”). I like about 5-6 songs from HUMANZ by Gorillaz, I hope it grows on me as a whole because I am a huge gorillaz fan.


Pallbearer’s record “Heartless” from this year has really been kicking my ass so far. As much as I liked Foundations Of Burden from 2014, This just seems like such a major step up. It seems like they have embraced their melodic side in a way that that they haven’t done previously and it has just opened up their sound so much, especially on the vocals. Brent Campbell is a great singer, and from the moment he goes into “I Saw The End” you tell that he gets to play around a lot more with his range. harmonies, falsetto, tons of experimenting with backing vocals, the music just seems so much more alive here. The leadwork by Campbell and Holt are also major parts of this. It generally seems like whereas Foundations was a doom-ass doom metal record, Heartless allows itself to stretch itself just slightly outside of those restrictions all the while totally being a damn good doom record.


what is this progrum you’re using?


holy shit it seriously is. i love him so much


Wheres the carly rae album tho


Steve Lacy’s Demo’s too good. Can’t wait for more of The Internet (the band he’s in), but I really can’t wait to see what he does solo next.

Jessey Reyez’ “Kiddo” EP is OK.

Haven’t heard the new Perfume Genius yet, but I’m really looking forward to it.

About to listen to the new Logic album right now.

Can’t wait to hear Slowdive’s new project too.

And if what Lil Uzi Vert’s put out recently is any indication, “Luv is Rage 2” might just be a great project.

Probably gonna keep an eye on this thread. Keep the new music talk coming!

#33 !!


XO Tour Lif3 is :weary::weary: so I’m definitely looking forward to LIR2. he’s got some good songs out for sure.

they haven’t been mentioned here yet, but King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard (psych-y garage rock out of Australia, sort of a slightly more polished Thee Oh Sees) released a really good record earlier this year (Flying Microtonal Banana) and have another one that’s 21 songs(!!) on the way. The thing they released for it is pretty ill:

would encourage anyone curious to check out their album from last year, Nonagon Infinity, which got a whole lot of well-earned attention for being really really dang good.


Best band I’ve discovered this year so far is Electric Guest. Their album Plural is full of good vibes.


I’ve been revisiting Ty Segall’s album from earlier this year a bit, it’s got some certified jams for real.


Listen to Vaya.


Dunno if anyone here listened to Now, Now back in 2012 but they’re finally back with a new single and I’m feeling it. Cover art is really nice too. (SGL = Shotgun Love)


I have been keeping a txt of my fav albums of the year because I hae an issue with ranking things. It’s been an extremely good year.


Bustin is the song of the year