Music Releases of 2017


Um actually, Bustin came out in 2016, so The Starting Line is the best song of 2017 :stuck_out_tongue:




In extremely Yoko Taro T-shirt commercial voice


I really need to play Nier Automata and the soundtrack is a pretty significant part of that. I’ve heard wonderful things.

also, I keep forgetting to post this here - Boris are coming out with a new album and dropped an absolute monolith of a track called Absolutego (also the name of their very first album)

I am Extremely A Fan of Boris and would highly recommend anyone interested to check out their work - they’ve been around over 20 years and have tons of albums running through a variety of styles. they tend to trade in heavier music (noise rock, drone, metal) but also have some lighter stuff including a couple of very poppy albums. If you pressed play on that song above and hated it, you might actually still like this:


I like to keep running lists of my favourite albums, games, movies, whatever for each year, I just enjoy keeping track of that sort of thing, these are my favourite 2017 albums so far, roughly ranked, in a nice pretty picture:


Buncha cool bands did a benefit album for Chelsea Manning recently

I’ll second that the Neir Automata ost is the best album since Kendrick’s TPAB


new Suiyobi no Campanella is solid. think like but poppier and less rapping


yeah, I dug that one. did you listen to’s new album from this year? I liked it quite a bit although I tend to prefer their heavier songs (like Koshikake Rap) over their poppier stuff and it’s more of the latter. some really cool 80s influence though.


yesss threads was great, i’m glad they finally have new shit coming out!!


i really love more when they’re darker and more aggressive, it feels like something special that they do best? but my fav death grips album is still Deep Web so what do i know


mine is too :eyes:


What’d you think of both FUTURE and HNDRXX? I’m a big Future fan, but I felt that FUTURE often treads too much familiar ground(but it’s still a banger), and that HNDRXX is more compelling on first listen, but that interest tapered off for me.


Probably the best bass in 2017


I’ve been digging the new Feist lately. New Mastodon is decent.

Oh and I’m always down for some New Pornographers


I only realised this new album existed yesterday so I’ve been listening to it a few times.

It’s… alright. Solid. Kind of topheavy, and then it all gets a bit samey. After listening to it a few times I went back and listened to Brill Bruisers, because I felt like I liked that one a lot more, and it turns out I still do. Think that album was a lot better than it was given credit for at the time.

This new album has a really solid first 3 songs, though, for sure.


Kweku Collins’ grey has been in constant rotation. Colin Stetson’s All This I Do for Glory has also been a delight. Oh, and Substrata was remastered once again by Jenssen. For those unfamiliar with Biosphere, I would recommend it as a seminal piece of ambience.


Just realized Jlin’s new album drops tomorrow. /hyped


I just downloaded it! super excited to give it a spin


oh i totally forgot to mention the latest Pissed Jeans album!! i’ve been so so into it

Lydia Lunch produced this one (!!!) and i’m pretty sure she also did the spoken word on track 6


as far as hardcore goes, cloud rat has been absolutely killing it with splits this year

i’m also really into the stimulant lp (ex-water torture)