Music Releases of 2017


Anyone listened to the new Alex G out today? I really like it, super varied and really interesting to listen to. I think this could be up there on my AOTY list by the end of 2017.


Wow. I just flicked through to see if it’s an album I wanted to listen to and it’s got some variety doesn’t it? Very interesting. Don’t know anything about this artist.


Yeah if you compare say, ‘Bobby’ to ‘Brick’, it really runs the gamut.


Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right about it being a little front loaded. I did like Brill Bruisers a lot (only vinyl from them I have) and I actually ended up going back to Twin Cinema 'cause that was my first and still my favorite.

That being said I think I like even middling New Pornographers more than most things.


They’re pretty reliable as a band. I don’t know I’d call them one of my favourite bands, but they’re the sort of one that I can reliably put on and it’ll probably be a good time.

Recently been getting more into Twin Cinema, it took me a long time for some reason, but now it’s up there. My favourite is still Electric Version (which is the only vinyl I have from them)


I have a lot of issues where I think I accidentally am really conservative musically. Trap is a real different style of rap music than what I naturally gravitate to, so I sometimes will insert my head into my ass and say that I don’t like trap. So FUTURE, being a more straightforward trap album, doesn’t do as much for me (see also: Culture being really low on my list despite being a great album). HNDRXX however really struck a cord. I think he branches out in some fascinating ways that I just adooooooore. Testify is maybe my fav song of the year. HNDRXX looks sorta low on that list, but only because the first 4 are absolutely killer albums that floored me and still floor me. I really liked HNDRXX.


Yeah, I can definitely see that. I do tend to gravitate towards trap music for some reason. I still like HNDRXX though, and I appreciate that Future is trying to branch out.


Looove Alex G. Rocket has been on repeat the last two days. It flows so well as an album, something I think Beach Music didn’t manage to do as well despite having many great songs. Might come to be my fav after DSU.


Threads is a top 10 album for me so I’m hella psyched for new tunes from them!


Everyone should listen to the new adult mom album that came out yesterday! It gives me life


Finish melodic indie pop from Litku Klemetti - ok I’m cheating a bit in that the singles were released late last year but the album came out this year:

the album’s on Bandcamp here


YEAH adult mom are great! i really like this album although i need to spend more time with it.

i’m O B S E S S E D with the new paramore album, and i’ve never really bothered with them much before. have. Ren thinking of it as like an pop-punk-pop carly rae (seriously, it’s so pop) and it’s wonderful. it masters the bright happy music/downbeat lyrics thing. but not throughout! it’s just soooo gooood


I have also been suprisngly into After Laughter. I like you never really bothered much with Paramore before this here album (except for really loving Hayle’s vocal features on Ten Stories by mewithoutYou where she sings some of my favorite parts) and it soo good. Well written really catchy pop music with some earnest lyrics. ‘Rose-Colored Boy’ and ‘Told You So’ are probably my favorites.

My biggest gripe is the ‘No Friend’ featuring Aaron Weisse from mewithoutYou (which by all means should be great!) but they mixed his spoken word vocals so low it just kinda ruins it a bit. Aaron is the type of vocalist you want to hear since he a great lyricist.


one of my favorite discoveries in music was their album “Threads”. it was like when I first listened to Death Cab’s “We Have the Facts”.


It’s so true tho


VERY much digging on this one that came out a couple hours ago:

Garrett Dale, from Red City Radio, branching out on his own a little. Punk rockish with a dash of folk.


This song is currently messing me up pretty bad:


This is, in spiritual terms, entirely the wrong way round tbh :kissing_heart:


What are people’s thoughts on this? Feels like a bit more of a return to “classic” Arcade Fire, and though I loved Reflektor I’m feeling it tbh.


It’s OK. Stuff I don’t really like about the production and overall it comes across a little bit tame, but the panpipes are Very Good.