Music Releases of 2017


New Halsey is pretty good if you are into that sort of thing


i was into the intro where they were sorta aping Grizzly Bear but then the chorus kicked in and then they ape the most tepid disco-house ever for the remainder of the song. agree on the panpipes being a nice touch but it sounds so specifically like the SM64 file select theme


the past couple days I’ve been listening to Haruko Tajima’s album はるこにうむ (google says that’s “Welcome to Haruko”) a whole bunch. it’s basically 37 minutes of energetic, synth-driven jams, with some wild drum programming & her awesome voice really standing out. Tajima’s a former (I guess?) member of Oyasumi Hologram who are pretty cool themselves, although from what I’ve heard they sound almost nothing like this.

here’s track 2 off it, which is kinda representative of the album as a whole:

my fave song doesn’t seem to be on youtube, but its chorus is “lost my sex in 2017” which is about as good a line I’ve heard this year, so



Sorry for allcaps but Danger is 150% my shit. His shit feels like cyberpunk to the extreme. Burial, but more beats. Incredible, incredible work. Check it out here:


I’m definitely gonna check that out. I’m not a huge Burial fan for whatever reason but that sounds more my speed.

for fans of noisy psych-rock, I just started listening to a band from Beijing, Gate to Otherside. their first album, Dragon Bus Terminal, just came out in March. it’s real good:


I really love it. Big and anthemic and i’m even finally into that silly panpipes bit. The piano riff is straight out of Dancing Queen, and I really love the way he sings “every room in my house is full of shit I can’t live without.”. Production is a little too clean for me, guess that comes from it being done by the Daft Punk guy? Would have liked to hear it under Murphy’s grit.


Feels quite retro and dancey - I guess more in line with Reflektor. Got a very summery vibe to it.


Oh just a few of my favorite records of this year so far areeeeeeeeeeeee…

Sun Kil Moon: Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood

Father John Misty: Pure Comedy

Joey Bada$$: All-Amerikkkan Bada$$

tricot: 3

Perfume Genius: No Shape (couldn’t find a link to the full album stream, so just give the singles a listen)

also just have to put this here: the hype for new LCD Soundsystem is reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaallllllll



T-Wayne dropped!

I am still in awe of this and how happy it makes me.


forgot abt this earlier, but the Teengirl Fantasy album from earlier this year is quite good, and features Le1f on vocals? like, singing and not rapping? it’s super cool and it makes me REALLY excited for Le1f’s future stuff too

(the video’s cool but it’s some 360 nonsense so i can’t even see this thing properly with my shit computer)


Anybody listened to the new Lorde yet? It’s been getting stellar reviews and I really enjoyed my first listen this morning.


New Thug, new 2 Chainz, and new Big Boi. Bless up.


I’ll definitely check out the new Thug album although the way it’s being described it probably won’t match up with my tastes too well. every time he releases something now I just think “where’s Metro Thuggin” cause like…I need an album full of this more than I need like, food or medicine or clothes.

on a semi-related note, I liked the new Gucci Mane & Metro Boomin album (Droptopwop, what a fuckin sick title) quite a bit.


oh, and on a rap note, I was totally unaware that Secret Circle (Antwon, Lil Ugly Mane, Wiki) had released 2 songs, Tube Socks & My Way, pretty recently:

I like them both a lot. they released 2 songs last year, the extremely gross/raunchy Keep It Low & a song called Satellite about wanting to die (very topical), and I enjoyed both of those too.


The new Jason Isbell album (The Nashville Sound) dropped today, and if you mess around at all with folk/Americana/alt-country, it is highly recommended. I have been an Isbell fan since his stint with the Drive-By Truckers, but his evolution to (as one of my friends put it recently) “woke dad” has been extremely gratifying, and it’s been accompanied by a significant development as a songwriter.


I’m sure I’m revealing my mainstream-musical norminess but both the new Fleet Foxes and Lorde albums released today are very good.

I mostly enjoyed Pure Heroin but it had a couple songs that I always skipped. This album doesn’t have much fat, if any.

Crack-Up by Fleet Foxes doesn’t build itself around catchy choruses like they have in the past but it sets a tone and feeling that few albums are able to stir in me. It’s broody and warm and expansive and I really dig it.


Dylan Brady producing for those three dudes is like, the dream. this shit slaps HARD


I think the album dropped a week ago, but been loving these Brockhampton tracks


I’m pretty convinced that Met Gala is a contender for rap song of the year. Offset snapped on that beat.