Music Releases of 2017


When Young Thug said “Yeehaw” my life actually changed significantly.


oh man this is also incredible… reminds me a TON of ILLFIGHTYOU which was like, one of my fav rap albums of the past 5 years


Damn someone got here before I could hype the shit out of Brockhampton. Well here’s another track off that album because it’s one of the most interesting hip hop projects floating around and it needs some exposure

Also that new SZA is great, I’m glad someone at Top Dawg released a consistent album this year (please don’t kill me)


This Is Happening

(thought I’d never get to see them live, those London tickets will be mine)


Anyone here like Queens of the Stone Age? For me, Josh Homme may be the coolest person on the planet.


I used to be an enormous QOTSA fan and still really like all their albums, but I’m not feeling that new song at all. still interested in the album/whatever else they’ll release, though.


I’m hoping to grab tickets for the Dallas show and - HAPPENING STATUS: FUCKING IS


Igorrr put out a new album on Friday and I’ve been looping it ever since. Gimme all that good good genre mashing.


I’ve only listened to it once, but so far I don’t like it as much as her first album. There are a few tracks that I like though, and maybe the rest of the album will grow on me.


Mid-way through a first listen on the new Vince Staples and it’s really good so far, keep waiting for it to falter but it’s going from strength to strength:

Quite techno-inspired, slow and expansive - can see myself giving this a ton of listens. Also I never thought I’d hear Kendrick rap over a SOPHIE beat but here we are.


I was really looking forward to this and it paid off in spades. I like Vince Staples more than his music really, despite some really standout tracks that I enjoy immensely I could never really get into his albums - but this one, boy, is so good. Structured real well, the start and finish are both strong as hell IMO

Some of the beats are giving me like a mid-2000s UK two-step type vibe if that makes any sense. Vocal delivery smooth as usual but even more polished.

And yea that Kendrick feature, Jesus Christ.


Yeah, this is a good album. I think the UK two-step vibe makes perfect sense.


I know that Radiohead tends to cause a lot of, er, opinion

but this unearthed and finally released track is quite something, I reckon. Pretty neat video, too.


yeah, this new Vince Staples is really interesting. I love how different it is from Summertime 06.


in love with the new Vince Staples. it’s extremely cool to hear someone trying the “rapping over EDM” again and for it to be this well done

another album out this year that i picked up finally is the new Ibibio Sound Machine. extremely tight funk-dance/new-wave stuff, production is top notch, extremely fun summer tracks


Yeah I really like it, but feel like I haven’t rapped my around it very well yet. Whereas Summertime 06 (one of my all time favs) is pretty immediately understandable. Not gonna say it’s better or worse, cuz I do like it, I just feel like I’m missing something. Can’t quite put my finger on it.


“Everybody Works” by Jay Som has dominated music for me this year, it’s so emotionally vulnerable and contemplative, the music has a retro-style to it, I’m not good at criticizing music, but this song is one of my favorites ever, I think -


Still listening through (only heard Ultrasound, Forever, and I’m Sorry) but been enjoying this Joyner Lucas album


If you guys want riffs for days, the new Rozwell Kid is unreasonably good:


Deerhoof continue to be extremely prolific. Here’s a new song to go with an album announcement.

I’m pretty into this. Bigger sound than they’ve gone for in the last couple albums (which I quite liked)