Music Releases of 2017


I love Deerhoof so much. I have nothing else to add Deerhoof is just rad


Haven’t been up to date with this thread since the beginning, but yup, just wanted to barge in here and encourage everyone to listen to this album. It’s absolutely incredible. My initial reaction on a single listen was that I wouldn’t like it as much as her first, because of the different vibe, but god. damn. It’s a masterpiece. I would put money on it being my AOTY if Manchester Orchestra weren’t releasing an album this year (aka probs my favourite band). LISTEN TO IT PLS


To second, the new Lorde album is great. Pure Heroine was good, but Melodrama feels complete in a way the first album didn’t. It’s really excellent.

I came here though to talk about new Jay-Z which wasn’t really on my radar. I’m not a huge Jay-Z fan but I’m excited to hear what’s on his mind in a post Lemonade world.


i think my favourite album so far this year has to be the new Drums album, Abysmal Thoughts

i loved Jonny Pierce’s stuff when it wasn’t explicitly gay and deeply hurt, so this album’s been playing at my place for a couple weeks straight


recently i revisited Clark’s Death Peak after a tepid response to it at release. Butterfly Prowler is a goddamn jam and Catastrophe Anthem are my highlights. I’ve turned on the album, i like it more. Other stuff has included MIKE’s hyped MAY GOD BLESS YOUR HUSTLE and Vince’s Big Fish Theory. Alyssa Interlude was fucked up, didn’t know about Vince’s fascination with Winehouse. Benjamin Booker released Witness, which got me back into garage rock stuff again. And, I’m currently enjoying Sudan Archives, the first two tracks have been shockingly stellar.


Been listening to Darren Korb’s Pyre ost pretty much non-stop. Overall I don’t love it quite as much or Transistor’s, but it’s absolutely brilliant. It weaves in and out: starting out moody and atmospheric during the reading segments, chilling out for the loading screens before ramping up the drums and guitars for the rites. The ost uses vocal tracks to both highlight emotional moments and to deepen the world. It’s the closest I’ve felt to playing a living orchestra since Journey.

Tyler. the Creator’s new album is by far my favorite rap album this year. When you have to contend with Kendrick and Jay-Z and those new scamps Brockhampton, that’s impressive. Great instrumentation, emotional lyrics, really neat singers on it.


Agree that the new Tyler. the Creator is great, and would probably have been my favorite rap album of the year so far. But then on Friday Vic Mensa’s ‘Autobiography’ came out, and it’s completely blown me away. Similar to Flower Boy its got real instrumental and emotional depth, something about it had really just hit me.

The Ringer had a good interview with Mensa the other day that I highly recommend.


Vic is such an underrated Chicago rapper. I saw him live at Roskilde a few years ago, and he’s a tremendous performer.


Woah, the real headline here is that you were at Roskilde. I’m very jealous


It’s an experience well worth having, believe me. It’s fucking filthy and grimy and a complete mess in many ways, but my god is it fun to just let completely go of all civilized inhibitions for an entire week. It helps that it’s in Denmark where I live, but I would honestly urge anyone who has an interest in music to go there at least once, so long as you aren’t squeamish about public urination and drunk people. And even that you get used to after a couple of days.


I studied abroad in Copenhagen during college and heard all the legend about Roskilde. Denmark’s still my favorite place I’ve ever visited, so I’d jump at any chance to go back/go to the festival.


Hey man, go for it! Maybe we should try and set up a Waypoint camp for next years festival…


Giraffage is releasing an album this year and this track has me excited for it:


friend sent me this recently and it’s absolutely fantastic. Sote has an incredible sense of post-noise post-metal experimentation and to see him work with these traditional + historical instruments of Iran is amazing


Catchy vocaloid stuff, Hatchi is good at this


Guess I’m gonna have to listen to Vic Mensa… I kinda counted him out a couple of years ago.

I was recently introduced to Marika Hackman (No relation to Gene Hackman unfortunately) and her new album is good.


Any fans of rock and maybe roll?

If anyone grew up on the early 2000’s hardcore/ post- Hardcore scene then you may be interested in the new song by Jamie Lenman, former front man of Reuben.

Lenman is fantastic and Reben were one of those quietly influential bands whose fame grows way past their demise.

New album is due in October. Follow up to his previous solo effort, which was a double thrash metal and folk album. This new material seems like his Reuben era songs.


oh man the new Sinjin Hawke is fucking amazing


Thee Oh Sees’ (or just Oh Sees now) new album Orc isn’t quite out yet, but it’s “out” (:smirk:) and it Rules Extremely Hard.

the 2nd song they released from it, Animated Violence, is maybe my fave of 2017 so far:


oh man this goes hard, i didn’t remember their older stuff being like this. i gotta check this out