Music Releases of 2017


oh my god their 2016 album was them “feat. hatsune miku”??? i’ve gotta check this out immediately


The new Queens of the Stone Age album Villains is out today… One of my favorite bands.


What an extremely unfortunate name, haha. The sounds are good however!


So… did anyone hear the T.Swift song?

That was…

oof. Instrumentally I’m not a fan and lyrically it has the vague, toothless anger of a Muse song.

At least Villains is pretty good, 5 songs in.

Oh, and @Fimbulvetr, thank you for sharing ・・・・・・・・・!


I had ‘obtained’ the album prior to release. I like it. Opening track is a monster.


It’s hot garbage. She’s a snake trying to rebrand herself as being hip and edgy while playing the victim even though she got CAUGHT IN HER LIE. She’s like if the 53% of #FFFFFF women that voted for Trump fused with a Starbucks frap. She’s like if a MAGA hat and a nasty woman t-shirt combined.

Look at this.

Girl you are not Beyoncé, you never will be, you :clap:t5: need :clap:t5: to :clap:t5: stop


I generally try and stay out of the tswift discourse bc people have much more thoughtful and reasoned opinions on stuff than I do so I more observe, and am aware she’s…daft, to say the least. that said. song is a banger sorry not sorry


Every minute you spend listening to or thinking about Taylor Swift is time much better spent listening to or thinking about BROCKHAMPTON. Saturation 2 is OUT


oh my god i’ve been so excited about BROCKHAMPTON i forgot to post the latest from Lil B!!! Black Ken is worth the wait. i think it miiiiight actually be my favourite album of his now, just barely beating Im Gay (Im Happy) from all the way back in 2011


That music video is so damn fun! The sky’s the limit for them honestly. Looking forward to watching them grow.


Oh, and sorry for the double post, but The War On Drugs ALSO came out with an album today and it’s real good too!

Overall, this week has been a net positive for music :relaxed:


damn I gotta get to this, I downloaded it a few days back but still haven’t listened to it. Im Gay is so damn good although I think my fave of his is Everything Based? :male_detective: Luv Is Rage 2 also came out today and XO Tour Lif3 is literally the best song I’ve ever heard in my life so I’m excited to check that out too

QOTSA was my favourite band for a hot minute and I listened to Villains today - I thought the singles were really generic when they came out, and my initial reaction is to say this is my least fave of theirs, but I did really like Un-Reborn Again & Hideaway. there’s some other good tracks (Head Like A Haunted House) in there too.


The punk band PUP released a music video that is literally an FMV game ala Night Trap.


After hearing the fallout over the new Taylor Swift song on Waypoint radio, I realised that I should at least form an opinion on this new piece of music that everybody else had opinions over. I’m not really up to date with Taylor Swift as a person/brand - but it seems there is a lot to unpack there.

I also listened to the new Katie Perry song and that seems like the worst thing in the world too. Is she supposed to say swish swish bitch? Clearly I was not made for pop music. Let’s talk about QOTSA and the War on Drugs instead.


ok am i wildly free-associating here or is anyone else kind of getting Human League vibes from the new qotsa (esp the first track)

i think its the synth hooks and more ~polished~ sounding vocals?


i’m still mad at my friend for recommending me the latest album from the loose genre/collective of “sadboys” because it’s actually really good ->

worth a listen for the production alone but the lyrics hit some high school post-emo nostalgia sweet spots too. my fav tracks are Black Boy and Wickr Man


New Tera Melos got released like 2 weeks ago, it’s good as hell.


Nosaj Thing’s Parallels is out, as well as Mount Kimbie’s Love What Survives to make up a solid couple of electronic releases. Nosaj sounds like he’s been listening to Tim Hecker or Mark Pritchard and he also seems to be juggling more things with his compositions which is nice to see after his somewhat formulaic Fated.


Two things: why has no one told me to listen to Bjork before, and Bjork is doing stuff in VR??


Bruh Black Ken is on repeat on my iPod