Music & Rhythm Games

Didn’t see one up, so I figured it’d be cool to get some discussion about various Music and Rhythm games! Could be anything, ranging from Rock Band to PaRappa to Osu!

What’s your guys’ favorite? What game have you been recently playing the most? Any accomplishments or goals you’ve hit recently? Any upcoming games you’re excited to play? I wanna hear about em!

As for myself, I’m a long time ITG and DDR player. Started with DDR with 5th Mix and played up until Extreme. After a bit of a break I discovered Stepmania along with ITG and that became my main game. I’ve always been drawn to music games and I’ll play pretty much anything I can get my hands on.


Elite Beat Agents is probably my favorite rhythm game. It had the styyyylllllleeeeeee that many games lack and a top notch soundtrack that is so important for a rhythm game.


I was REALLY into DDR Extreme 2 back in the day; I’d go out to my local arcade and play that machine for hours.

Lately though my favorite’s been Thumper, which I still play on and off whenever I feel the need to bruise my thumbs.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for ios rhythm games? I got hooked on Project Mirai (the Miku game) on my ds but I don’t really have the ability to carry it around much, whereas I always have my phone around.

I’ve tried some of the love live/idolmaster games, and voez, but neither really hooked me. Anyone got favorites?

Easy, Rhythm Heaven is my favourite. particularly, the portable ones.

As for the one i played the last, that would be Crypt of the Necrodancer. Pretty good roguelike, though i was initially put-off by the game moving enemies on offbeats.

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Rhythm Heaven is my absolute favorite for rhythm games. That series is fantastic, top to bottom.

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The rhythm heaven series is great and my favorite by far. I’ve been playing through the original rhythm tengoku for the gba and it’s still a blast.

I also used to be really into osu! for a while, though I’ve kind of burnt out on it. (Doesn’t help the community is kind of a garbage fire).

I also occasionally play Voez and Love Live SIF on my phone.

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My faves are Rhythm Heaven, EBA, and Bit.Trip. I played a lot of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, too

Do you have a favourite minigame? song wise? mechanics wise? aesthetics wise?

Not the best entry in the series, but Rock Band 4 is currently the rhythm game that I am playing most. I mostly play expert drums since my guitars haven’t been working that well and haven’t gotten around to fixing them. I’ve been working on getting gold stars for most of the songs in my library, but I still can’t beat Painkiller.

what’s something with a decently high skill ceiling that won’t wreck my hands like sm/openitg did?

i miss click clacking to speedcore

So a pretty good digital release I found on PS4 is Cosmophony. It’s a rhythm and shooter combo with the visual design of the Sonic 2 half-pipe bonus stages. The levels are very thoughtfully designed to interact with the music.

The most striking thing about it, however, is that it’s exclusively scored by some really good drum n’ bass music, and as a fan of that genre, I had to show love.

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Favorite is tough. I have a lot of favorites.

Hole in One might be my favorite overall.
Ringside is another great one.
As is Samurai Slice.
Sumo Bros is probably my favorite from Megamix.

God there’s too many. All of them are good though.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the mobile version of Lumines so you may wanna look into that. The controls aren’t gonna be as tight as the previous games by nature of it being played on a touchscreen, but it’s still a ton of fun. More puzzle than music though.

DJMAX Ray is a favorite of mine, though it’s definitely a bit older and not really supported anymore. It’s your standard lane style game with 4/5/6 lane variations and slides.

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the only rhythm games i’ve recently played are Rhythm Heaven and Crypt of the Necrodancer, but i used to be way too into DDR / Pump It Up / Beatmania. nowadays i just get my DDR fix by watching ridiculous gimmick charts.


Cool I’ll check those out, thank you!

i don’t know a lot about rhythm games but im extremely into the love live phone game rn. idk if that’s like, poseur talk for rhythm game fans tho

Big fan of DJ Max! I also like the sort of spiritual successor, Superbeat XONIC, which is coming to PS4.

Have you tried Osumania?. I mean it’ll probably still wreck your hands but it has speedcore and a pretty good amount of options. I’ve been playing it recently since the leaderboard stuff is pretty cool and its pretty slick for a side mode in a fan project.

One that kind of caught me by surprise was Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the 3DS. I’ve always really liked Final Fantasy music, so for that to be combined with pretty solid rhythmic gameplay with some extremely light RPG mechanics made for a wonderful experience.

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