Musicals are OK I Guess?

I was surprised to search “musical” and “Broadway” on here and hit nothing - but I’m not only a musical nut / theatre kid, but currently in a uni class on them. What musicals do people like? Why?

I’m of two minds at the moment. I love the corny, self-indulgent stuff like Little Shop and The Drowsy Chaperone. I also applaud shows that have more ambition though - currently repeating next to normal, and woof, there’s a lot of good and bad there (especially the honestly insulting finale.)
“The Narrator” has some thoughts, anyone else have a strong agree/disagree with him?


I know next to nothing about musicals having only seen Lestat and Chicago in person. Oh and I had a friend in college who loved Rent so I’ve seen that a few times.

But, sure, I’ll be that person and say that I love Hamilton. I don’t think there’s a week that goes by that I don’t listen to something from the album.

Edit: Oh , ya know I just remembered that I was weirdly obsessed with the music of Cats when I was in 5th grade for some reason?

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Hamilton is really good! I listened to it a ton when it went on Spotify and still revisit my faves (“Room Where It Happens,” “You’ll Be Back”)

I’ve never listened to Cats, but 5th grade might have been when I got into A Very Potter Musical, the less said about which, the better


I spent most of my life thinking I hated musicals ( I should have done the math, I like movies, I like music) because of one High School Musical.

One day I rented the theatrical version of Les Miserables on a whim and I loved it (yes, it’s not very good). Since then I’ve seen a few and Chicago is definitely a fave.

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Wicked is the only musical I’ve seen live (three times over like a decade, somehow the same person was playing nessarose every time).
We performed a mediocre version of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at church when I was a young teen.
I’m yet to listen to the Hamilton soundtrack, I’m a fake music nerd.

I like plot songs. It’s why Moana was so good, every song advances the story? If the songs could be completely removed without impacting the story then, eh, that’s not ideal to me, you know.
I like repeated themes and reprises (Jafar’s mocking reprise of Prince Ali is the best song in Aladdin, fight me)
I like counter-melodies (I think for me goes back to Doll on a Music Box/Truly Scrumptious in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)

musicals. ah. they’re good imo.


I like musicals but as film. I’m not interested in seeing them performed on stage. Singin’ in the Rain is an absolute joy, one of my favourite movies. I think it’s pretty sick when people are good at dancing and singing and are able to do it at the same time. Makes me jealous!

I think it’s incredibly boring when people are dismissive of musicals just because they are musicals? I told two friends that La La Land was enjoyable, and they said they wanted to see it until they found out it was a musical. Just silly.


Speaking of musicals, anybody here a fan of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? It’s the best show on tv for my money, and the songs are just incredible.

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If anyone is a really big fan of a more “post-modern” musical, I humbly suggest that you check out Last Five Years. I feel that Jason Robert Brown is a kind of virtuoso of book, even if his personal life is a mess. L5Y chronicles the dissolution of a couple’s marriage but told from the perspective of the wife (in reverse chronological order) and the husband (in forward chronological order) with each song trading off until they converge at the midpoint of the show. It’s really a very light autobiography in some ways of Jason Robert Brown’s life (including the cheating, some songs have been changed in the last few years due to legal stuff with his ex) but it’s a really compelling bit of storytelling through song.


love it. it’s a shame they peak with the best song in episode two and it’s all downhill after that point
(mostly facetious but god that girl crush song is, incredible)

my friend sold me on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend by telling me that one episode the titles don’t play and two characters have a conversation that is the lyrics of the title song and yes that is incredibly my kind of nonsense. he didn’t even mention the musical numbers, kinda caught me off-guard.

(I think actually the Santa Ana Winds is probably my favourite song because, see my previous post, I like repeating themes)

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OMG Santa Ana Winds is just the best. My wife hates it because I played it on repeat for like a month. Love the Jersey Boys homage and Eric Michael Roy is the most beautiful man.

Oh wow, I don’t think I’ve heard anyone else mention The Drowsy Chaperone in almost a full decade? It’s such a cheery little pep-talk of a musical, and the reprise of “As We Stumble Along” puts such a perfect button on the themes of the whole show. That and “I Do, I Do in the Sky” never fail to improve my mood.
If anyone out there has listened to Hamilton but hasn’t yet checked out Lin Manuel’s previous musical In The Heights: Please do! It’s a great ensemble piece set over three transformative days in the life of a Washington Heights neighborhood, showcasing all the performer’s skills and Lin’s tremendous handle on language. Plus, there’s some neat cast/crew overlap between the shows!

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I just went to my first live musical last weekend. It was the West end production of Cats and it was pretty fantastic! I still think I prefer my DVD with the original cast, but these people were crazy talented as well.

Other than that I love watching Sound of Music and Fiddler on the Roof over and over (those would count for musicals, right?). I’ve enjoyed some others as well but I feel like sometimes the songs aren’t really all that great unfortunately.

I looove musicals. Almost any musical I’m at least a little bit okay with. One of my recent (ish) favorites are A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder It is a farce sort of like The Drowsy Chaperone (but less meta) and I love a lot of its rhymes.
A Gentleman’s Guide To Love & Murder - "I’ve Decided to Marry You"
The album is on Spotify and a lot of the songs are really fun.


I used to love going to the Musicals in London, even managed to drag of my football buddies to see Les Miserables and they loved it. I was always in awe at the effects and sets and the effort it must take to run these shows smoothly.

Yes, I was so impressed by Moana! It was really fun as a movie, which I expect from Disney, but the musical integration definitely reaches those “Disney Renaissance” levels imo

I love that show, so many catchy songs.
Some of my favorite songs are; We tapped that ass, Gettin’ bi, and a wholelot more. :slight_smile:

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I like some musicals.
I very much enjoyed Repo the generic opera. Batman Brave and the bold with Mayhem of the Music Meister.
Little Shop of Horrors.
I’m more into tv and movie musicals than broadway musicals.

I am huge fan of musicals. I’ve taken to trips to NYC just to watch musicals, with the most recent trip last year. Hamilton, Waitress, and Something Rotten was the agenda and they all blew me away. There is something about combination of music, stage production, and the audience’s imagination combining into one synchronous form of entertainment is enthralling to me. I especially love the Tony’s. Its the most entertaining and riveting award show.

Living out in LA, I do try and watch musicals here, but they are usually the drafts before they become finalized to be sent to the east coast.

Here are some of my favorites that I can go back to anytime.
Matilda Medley - Tony’s 2013

Next to Normal - Tony’s 2009

Company - Being Alive

The Wild Party - Make Me Happy

I could go on about my thoughts on musicals and rave about it, but I’ll leave it at this post. Musicals are truly awesome to me.

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If you’re into good movie adaptations, I quite enjoyed Sweeney Todd. It’s also a great musical - very dark in tone (without being a heavy slog), and it incorporates a lot of operatic sensibilities into its music.

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i don’t get a ton of chances to see good live theater, but I am a sucker for a good musical.
I think the Music Man is probably my favourite movie of all time.

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