Musicians, post your music!

Would love to connect with other musicians of any and all genres. Let’s drop some links, y’all! (drums and the creepy howl and laugh in the first song) (bass in this, not really active atm)


I used to do guitar/rock music a lot as a Youth and have a bunch of. uh. mildly-anxiety-inducing-when-i-remembering-it-exists stuff floating around the internet. Now i do mostly sample-based/digitally arranged music for my own game projects & exercise the muscles w/ casual flips-n-remixes inbetween

All the stuff i’m most happy with from the last couple years is on (always-in-progress OST for an always-in-progress game), remixes i usually just put on instaudio & share w/ my twitter or whoever expresses interest

@DiscoPunk that drumming kicks my ass sideways


I make game soundtracks, instrumental hip-hop and mashups you may hate yourself for liking.


I finished this earlier tonight.

Some chill melancholy piano/bass/synth stuff


Hiya! You may know me from such video game softwares as Guild Wars 2, Dead State, hackmud, or Celeste (in dev)

I’ve got a soundcloud:

And a bandcamp:

Yay music woo~


I’ve been trying to do more music stuff lately, you can find it all at my soundcloud. if u like sad acoustic junk take a listen

2 Likes i write weird electronic music and game soundtracks. i’m doing the music for Card Witch which is the battle network sequel we deserve and i did the updated Joylancer soundtrack that i don’t think is actually in the game yet


Great job on the GW2 music!
I’m excited for Celeste!


I wouldn’t call myself a musician exactly, but I made this for my then girlfriend (now wife) to express how my heart felt thinking about her while on walks. This was made in Auxy for iOS after playing around for a few hours.


I’m Jami and I make electronic pop bullshit!

My artist name is “clover & sealife”. It’s an extremely clever and elusive reference to the manga, “Yotsuba&!”, that no one could ever predict and I could never possibly get in trouble for. I put out an album last year, called “a sentimental cry”! If I had to describe it sonically, it’d be as Basically The Wave Race 64 Soundtrack, But Sad And Sometimes Kinda Not Like The Wave Race 64 Soundtrack, But It’s Still In There Spiritually.

I write music for games too, and I’m currently working on OMORI, the omocat video game, alongside Slime Girls!

I really like all of what everyone has posted!

@idkicarus, I love this as a piece abstracting the feeling of taking a walk with someone you love. I feel a lot of very evocative ideas bouncing around, as I imagine new distractions coming into view.

@ghoulpowder, these touhou horns and breakbeats are changing my life

@videodante, I love your voice, and I love to cry, so I love this.

@TerritoryJazz, I love the way this moves! The movements of the chords and the bass feel a little reminiscent of Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger), to me.

@2mello YO, “warm glass” is the most summer afternoon nap shit in the world, I love this a lot!

@jesse Wow, this is VERY cool! Listening to “Legendary Hero” right now, and the sample work here feels so extremely Keiichi Suzuki/EarthBound to me, and that’s maybe some of the highest praise I can give.

@Kuraine girl you already know :heart:

@DiscoPunk Thanks for making this thread! This shit goes in, and your drumming is really high energy!


Thank you for taking the time to listen! Your stuff is confident and strong, really well-produced. It’s nice to listen to someone who’s clearly really found their palette of sounds. I followed ya on Twitter!


I’ve been making (bad) music for, like, apparently? a decade? now. My “netlabel” is Fuck the Polis! (or streaming at I’m mostly excited recently about the compilations I’ve been organizing (Valentine’s Day Compilation & Solidarity at those links).

I’m also (maybe was? idk) in an electronic group called A Truly Blonde Child that made an EP about the first season of Xena: Warrior Princess a while ago that I still think is pretty good


yo i love your stuff! it’s so bubbly and warm


i checked out your stuff after GDC and your music is incredible! I love the Singularity EP.


I would be so hyped if someone made this for me.


Yay fellow music writers!! I take my main source of inspiration from Mount Eerie/Zomby/This Heat/Todd Rundgren, so it’s a non-sensical mish-mash.


this is me


thank you so much!!! i love how bright and jazzy your album is, it kinda reminds me of chill jazz fusion/city pop. also you’re the first person to recognize the touhou soundfont so far lmao


Seeing as though I straight up sample a Casiopea and Tatsuro Yamashita in two of my songs, I couldn’t be happier that you get a fusion/city pop vibe from it!! Those are my two favorite genres of music, and I try my best to blend that influence into what I make!

your friends are fake if they don’t know touhou horns

Thanks for the kind words, y’all TwT


that’s literally the biggest compliment i could receive in my life??? thanks :smiley:

(also! i love your work and a sentimental cry is in my work music rotation constantly)