Musicians, post your music!


Hi, I’m Jae and I make sad music under the name city smell! I kinda have no idea what category I would put my music into, but one of my friends compared it to mid-2000s indietronica?? I also take a lot of influence from folk, shoegaze, and noise. I have an album mostly done that I plan on releasing later this year, but here’s a dropbox of it if you’re interested in checking out what I have as of now!


Hi I’m Monty Jr and I make experimental jams.


Hey guys, I’ve recently started making music for games and I am also super into Synths and making music with them. Here is my Sound Cloud for you all to take a look at :slight_smile:

Look forward to meeting some fellow musicians who read Waypoint!


I make music for games. Mostly my own, but I’m starting to branch out into other projects. I do orchestral stuff, chippy stuff, electronic stuff, and weird hybrids of those things. My music tends to be tuney and stand-outey, which I think is a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand, most of my tunes are memorable, but on the other, I find it really hard to write music that’s more backgroundy and doesn’t sound like the theme tune for something. So I tend to go for little projects that want big, bold, memorable themes.

Here’s a chippy album I made for my upcoming game:

Here’s a portfolio which shows some of my other styles

And here’s the very last thing I worked on over the weekend, an orchestral/chip hybrid tune for a game about alien blobs:


Hey y’all!

It is unbelievable how many talented people are in here!!!

I work as a composer/occasional sound designer/mix & recording engineer, most of my composition stuff can be found at, or I talk about the stuff I do a lot over on twitter: @SoundOfSeb



Great stuff in here.

Here’s some of mine.


Love the theremin sound in this track :slight_smile:


Thanks, it’s from a lovely (and I think free, but it’s been a while) plugin called Super Spook Keys. I didn’t do much to it, just very slightly tweaked some parameters on one of the presets.


Oh nice I’ll have to check that out. It could be useful for a game I’m working on at the moment, I had some Theremin like sounds but that sounds better.


I think for an old project I auditioned a few which were supposed to be accurate, but they were never quite satisfying. This one just sounded good and was fun to play with right away, even though as far as I know it’s not really going for accuracy. Regardless of what actual instruments were used, this one just sounds like it belongs in a B Movie. There are other presets with completely different sorts of sounds too.


really like the melancholy kinda major/minor interplay on your track Passageway, that’s a really nice sounding synth too!


guess the closest thing to “videogamey” music I’ve done is this one which is all just generated from a single kick drum beat on Ableton Live. Was a fun challenge I found online somewhere to create a whole track from one element and just used delay, triggering and filtering etc to create a whole track from it. Was really a cool way to think outside the box

Would love to start looking at some more limitations like this, it can be so easy to get stuck in a rut y’know?


Thanks! :slight_smile:

And it’s true that limitations and adhering to a system or set of rules can often force you to think outside the box and make something you otherwise wouldn’t have thought of. It’s something my composition professor talks about quite a lot.


hardest skill I think is learning to let things be and not throw everything but the kitchen sink at a track…only gets harder as you acquire more fun gear over the years :slight_smile:


Oh hey thanks! <3 Can’t wait to get some more out there~

Also dang I didn’t know you did music also, this is rad!


It’s so cool to see the cross section of “I make music” and “I like video games”! Everyone’s stuff is so good.


Very into this! This Heat are terrific and the production on this sounds great. Really in your face.

I’m working on what to release this year (hoping for it to be simple and punky and raw), but last year I put out this post-punk album with my band Glassbooks:

We’re not gonna be making music again in the foreseeable future but we put a TON of work into writing these songs and recording them with Chris McCrory from Casual Sex, so if you want to turn us into the next Slint then please do!


Hey this is really great, thank you for posting!


Yo, that’s some good-ass, gothy post-punk. VERY about what you’re doing here.


I was just listening to the Toad Fever stuff and thinking how great it is, thank you!

EDIT: WOW holy shit The Limbos are sick too! sucks that there might not be any more from y’all because I’m a huge fan.