Musicians, post your music!


Here’s the stuff that I make for my game.

and here’s some stuff that I made with my band a couple of years ago.


So many musicians on here in so little time! Very exciting. Gunna sit down with a bunch of this later this week.

I make gloomy, atmospheric, folk/experimental/pop songs about what it means to be the shitty one in a relationship.

I’ve also done a bunch of composing for theatre, film, and web media. Would LOVE to work on a video game sometime - something experimental, obsessed with tone. Hit me up if you’re making such a thing!


Yayyyyy here:


I’ve only recorded a few songs, but this is probably the one that I’m proudest of:

I’ve taken a break to dedicate more time to learning to play my instruments better. I felt like relying on drawing in midi data was holding me back a bit.


I love the soundtrack to 2064: Read Only Memories! It’s great to put on and chill out to.


Welp okey dokey then.

That’s pretty much the go-to place for any of the music I make just on my own volition (though I’m working on some newer things in secret)

Aside from that, I also did the whole soundtrack for Hustle Cat

and then I also did a bulk of the music for Starfighter: Eclipse

Currently I’m working on a solo album after years of having been pushing it off, a band project with my friend Jamie Paige, and most recently nerdy ass music based upon the dorky RP I’ve been doing on Final Fantasy XIV.

…think that’s about the bulk of it currently :V


Damn that track you made for hustle cat is so dope!! I’ll have to check that game out at some point now…


Yay yaaaay, thanks everyone who’s posted in this thread so far. Dusted off my long-neglected Soundcloud account to follow some folks here. Keep it up. :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Donnie, I’m part of Spook the Horses and also do a bunch of other things on my own.

Spook the Horses do a lot of different stuff but are probably closely analogous to bands like Cult of Luna, Earth, Neurosis. We’ll have a new album out later this year. Our old ones are free!

I also produce ambient music as Loam, which I released new material as recently:

I’ve also made some chiptunes, which I’m hoping to get back into doing this year as it’s super fun.

Some great stuff in this thread! Hope you guys enjoy mine too.


I make some music under the name “I Saw Drones”, it’s some kind of electronic music, mostly dark in tone. I’ve also played in a few metal bands through the years but I aint posting that shit.


Hey man, your stuff is very good!


Oh! I write music! Here’s a little SEGA-inspired album in put out last year, there’ll be a vinyl release in early Fall and a follow-up on July 5th! There’s other stuff on that Bandcamp too!!


When that Precious Planet switches up :boom: :boom: :boom:


WELCOME :clap: TO :clap: THE :clap: FANTASY :clap: ZONE :clap:


Spook the Horses is really good!

Edit: Went to your band’s spotify. One of your related artists is not at all like the others.


i feel like posting WIPs would be a fun way to keep this thread going if that’s cool? we could just start another thread if it clogs this one up too much or something.

anyway i wrote some Rock Music for the first time in like sixth months this morning


Good idea!

Here’s the current bit of soundtrack work I’m doing. The approach here has been to start with a chiptune, then make an orchestrated version of that, then create mixes between the two which the game then blends between depending on the situation.

So this is the unfinished in-progress chiptune part which will eventually be a longer loop, and have orchestral elements mixed in to a greater or lesser extent.


After a long time playing in bands, I’m kind of stepping back from that, but I’m super proud of the epic folk-rock that my last band played. I think we did something pretty great and I always enjoyed being able to use my mandolin from time to time:


Few tracks from a couple of years ago. Industrial/rock/metal, a little bit ‘game soundtrack-y’. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Hey, sorry to update a super old post, but I’m almost proud of this and wanted to share:
I don’t know, I’m getting back into music and it’s scary as hell, but hopefully some cool stuff can come out of it.

I’m going to go through the other stuff on here and listen to it now. As of now I can say you should definitely listen to @glenatron’s music, this is gooooooood!