Musicians, post your music!


this thread hasn’t been active for a while but thought i’d share something i’ve just done called spiral!!


check it out, this thread’s been inactive for a month again, but here I am to post DEMOS

sweet juicy demos

I don’t have any kind of knowledge of how to produce music electronically and I’ve finally been able to pick up a mic I can connect to Audacity and play sound through, so here’s two very rough demos of songs I’ve been working on; the drums are in fact not drums, but an armchair with a bass pedal and two bells on cymbal stands. enjoy!


SEGA’s never gonna make Jet Set Radio 3, so I guess I have to. It starts here.


Recent track I made if anyone is interested! !


Hey guys…new here. Just thought I would share some tracks I did with my band here in Japan. It’s kinda…90’s style alternative rock, for the most part:

Moving Day

Here I Am

I mixed these two myself and I suppose they are pretty rough. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


not bad, the guitars are a little too low for my tastes though


Thanks. I might revisit the balance when I’ve got some time…it’s crazy how many hours one can sink into a 3 minute song.


this is really cool, reminds me of amon tobin’s splinter cell soundtrack


hey everybody!

Have created an album re-imagining the music of Shining Force 2 in a kind of prog/jazz/post-rock setting in case anyone is interested


I used to sing/guitar/write/record post rock band Our Lost Infantry. We put out 2 albums on indie label Deep Elm (The Appleseed Cast, Moving Mountains).

I also played bass in many headed indie/chamber pop monstrosity Revere for a bit.

These days I play British traditional music solo on voice and bass - it’s a pretty unique sound world.


Hey thanks!! I’ll have to check that soundtrack out


Oooooo music thread!

I make hip hoppy electronic music. My soundcloud is mostly mc chris remixes from back in the day but I have a few other things on there as well. “So Damn Geek” doesn’t have the best production quality but it is a good snapshot of me as an artist.

I’m excited to check out all of your music!


I haven’t written anything new in about two months, but here’s one of my favorite tracks. A lot of textures in it, although I tend to skew toward night friendly, minimal indie with samples and drums. King Krule is a huge influence of my mind normally.

I go by Chuka.


Hey! I’m Kat and I write video game inspired tunes. They’re instrumental so far, but I may experiment with vocals later! I made a ton of acoustic piano & voice stuff when I was younger, so right now I’m just having fun with all of the different sounds available at my fingertips now that I’m working electronically lol. This is the last track I did and I have some other tunes up on this account:

Hoping to write a lot more once I get my video game more fleshed out! (It’s still early in development right now.) Psyched to check out everyone’s music!!


Some great stuff here, I’m digging your Shining Force 2 album @Bamnan

This is my death metal project, I’m the vocalist and my excellent friend Adam handles the guitars and programs the drums. We were going for a Dethklok vibe.


oh thanks very much, appreciate the compliment :slight_smile:


friend of mine put out this Halloween mixtape today, RIYL Milo, Open Mike Eagle, etc


Hi, i’m Alex and I recently released an album with my pop-punk/emo project, Edibles. Edibles is a one-man project at the moment, kind of a platform for my songwriting. It’s all done through multitrack recording. The production is kind of rough, but its the best I could do with my limited production skills.

But anyway, I’d really appreciate some feedback and opinions on this. Thanks!


Hi again, all! Check out my solo cyberpunk/black metal project!

FFO: gabber, black metal, punk, noise


I’m new here, but I made a Sufjan Stevens cover if anyone would like to listen :slight_smile: