Musicians, post your music!


hey this stuff is pretty awesome! i really like Peaks and Valleys


Never knew we had this thread!

I’ve written music for a bunch of game jam games and a couple of VN (one released, one wrapping up production). My recent Soundcloud stuff is mostly bass, electric pianos, and small drums kits because that’s my vibe right now, but here’s an older piece I really like:


Here’s a thing I made for the recent Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam, it’s chilled out as fuck, I kept on working after the game was done so the version you hear when playing has less than this version. The slightly glitchy/electronica elements are kind of a demonstration of what it might evolve to if the gameplay were to get a little more hectic.
Embedding isn’t working for some reason.

Here’s a pro-trade union country song I did, I’m trying to reform the genre somewhat.

And here’s an orchestral cover of Déjà Vu by Mort Garson, perhaps you’d know it better as the theme from the Balance arc of The Adventure Zone.


I don’t know the original, but this cover was cool as fuck, I’d love to hear more from you.


Mate, this is so good, I’d love to see something you’ve scored!


Just took part in the Global Game Jam this past weekend and here’s the score I made for my team’s game! I’m really happy with how it turned out :smile:


this is so cool to see how many of ya’ll make jams :slight_smile:


a lot of musicians here! i will have to look into some of this stuff

here’s my latest album. it’s a mix of different styles:


So a lot of things have happened since I last posted in this thread.

  • I managed to arrange with my employer a part time contract which has allowed me to go into making music (mainly for games) part time, which is exciting and scary and incredible.
  • I have had a small soundtrack release on Nintendo Switch, which brings forth all sorts of emotions.

On the one hand I’m just so happy to get a soundtrack on Nintendo, and one that mixes modern orchestral sounds with retro Nintendo sounds, too. The NES is really where my journey of being interested in game music began, and so this feels personally significant.

But on the other I’ve never felt so critical of my own work. I’m proud of a lot of it but while I am never usually one to shy away from listening to my own work, for some reason it’s super hard with this one. I think it’s the pressure of knowing this is out there in a commercial release is making me get really harsh on myself. Anyway, that one is here:

I have a soundtrack coming out for PC, PS4 and Vita soon which is pure chiptune and really fun and you can hear a bit of that in this trailer.

Currently I’m making some stuff for another Switch game which is a port and a bit of an upgrade from a Wii version, where the creator had some music but was never satisfied with it and wants something new. That’s a mixture of organic and synthy sounds that is coming together really nicely so far, and is expecting a release in the not too distant future.

Finally, some stuff I’ve posted to soundcloud lately.

Here’s a piece I made called Cassette Loader as I really wanted to try something very different to what I’ve been working on lately, so I busted out the guitar and some sample sets I haven’t used in a long, long time.

Here’s another chiptune piece I’m super happy with from the Super Skull Smash 2 soundtrack which will go out on Bandcamp once the game is out:

And here’s a chiptune version of steamed hams that believe it or not someone actually paid me to make for their steamed hams game.


Any ways I can listen to your music, be it these tracks or others? I’m looking forward to hearing it!

EDIT: jk i used this super obscure hidden forum feature called the “scroll bar” and scrolled up a little. I found your tracks!

DOUBLE EDIT: Right before I hit “Save Edit” you updated your post. Thank you!


Oh yeah, something I totally forgot to mention I’m doing which I’m really excited about is that I’m working on a longer term project with the excellent Christos Reid (failnaut on twitter) for an RPG, and I’ve been working on a diverse sound for that, a sampling of which can be found in this medley of tunes here:


I woke up one morning with it stuck in my head and decided to make it a reality.


I love this Forum topic. Great Idea!

Ayoooo Waypoint I really have Bars though. Check me out. I love expressing myself so would be more than happy to work with any of you here.

Soundcloud Tracks:

2. Farside of the Moon (I tried to sound like Pharcyde but ended up Sounding like Big Boi/ Andre lol)
3. Have to become it
4. Deep

@2Mello Ayoooooo Your stuff is so dope. Overwhelmingly dope, like too dope to handle in one sitting. The kind of dope that makes me feel guilty for skimming. You really been putting in work! fr fr fr fr


I feeling this sir. Some good stuff in here


Ayyyeee Thanks mane! I appreciate you.

I have a habit of wanting to know peoples favorite music artist.
What you been listening to recently?


Lol 2mello.

I’m also listening to a band the uncanny reservoir


Nice! I especially like Farside of the Moon. Real smooth stuff, and your flow is really on point.


Howdy everyone! Real cool to hear all this jam in one spot.
I make rock / synth pop / a bunch of stuff. Thought i’d share a couple tunes.

first up is a cover of Season of the Witch by Donovan which landed somewhere in the middle of Boston and Tame Impala.

second is an original off a super homebrewish ep I did last summer.


I recently made a youtube music channel and soundcloud.

Youtube Channel: Umbrella Terms Music
Soundcloud: Umbrella Terms Music

I know very little about how to make music or art, but hopefully I’ll improve as I make more.


I have been making stuff for quite a while; the thing I’m most proud of, though, is this album on Bandcamp: *

I guess it might be up your street if you’re a fan of “woozily lo-fi” music along the lines of (broadly) Boards of Canada, Four Tet, The Microphones; this particular album was influenced by a lot of stuff like J Dilla, Teebs, Flying Lotus, as well (without really sounding massively like them)

Hoping to get another album (or at least an EP) done in 2018 at some point. My other stuff (and other links) can be found on

*fun fact: first track is named after a misheard St. Vincent lyric