Musicians, post your music!


I’m mostly not too happy about the quality of my mixes. I’m forced to record in a rather large, non-treated room, so my recordings tend to be quite echoy, and my mixing skills are limited to say the least. However, I think this cover I made of Terra’s Theme from Final Fantasy VI kinda benefits from the echo. I even think the mix itself came out pretty OK!


I’m an amateur beat maker. I just making pretty sounds.

I’m going to check through everyone’s stuff in this thread.

I hope you like what you hear <3


This is really nice. It’s pulling on some deeply placed nostalgia strings; I cant quite trace what it reminds me of.


I really like your vibes!


Thanks! I appreciate it


Thank you, I use an assortment of drum kits and things. The chords (I can’t play yet) you hear might be triggering something.


found a song from one of my first bands, we we’re listening to a lot of flipper, black sabbath, and ceremony/trash talk. I know I know we thought the weed leaf as our logo wasnt very original either but it was better than the ever so popular upside cross, peace sign, american flag logos at the time.


Quite proud of this new one. It may appeal to people here for its sampling of NES music (from Sweet Home, specifically)


I’m the singer and one of the songwriters in this crazy band called Petalfold, I’d say its for fans of stuff like Glassjaw and Dillinger Escape Plan and stuff, we kind of like to think a little out of the box when it comes to song structure and stuff and we hope to branch out even further in our future stuff.

First two EPs are on our bandcamp

Our newest single and all future releases will be with our label that we share with our pals called Pop Spirit


This is a new single I just released called Temporal Flux

I experimented with a few things that were slightly new to me so I hope whoever hears it enjoys!


Here’s my new thing, a short piece I made to help develop the theme for an RPG soundtrack I’m working on. The game itself will sound more low fi, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up putting a version of this on the soundtrack. Very happy with how it came out.


My main musical thing is a guitar & organ-based indie pop band called The Crystal Furs. We last put out something in December 2016, when we released our debut album. Since then, we’ve had some, uh, lineup adjustments, but now the current lineup (our bassist Steph took over guitar and lead vocal duties) is putting the finishing touches on a new album for the summer, and we just put out the first song from it.

I co-wrote this one with Steph (I handled the lyrics, she did the music), and I play my 1965 Farfisa combo organ and do backing vocals. The recording/mixing/mastering is by our drummer, Tanner.


Aww, this is so nice. Tell Tanner he did a fantastic job on the mix.


Thank you, I will! It’s especially relevant to this forum because juuuuuust after finishing up exporting the final master for Bandcamp, he decided to give Far Cry 5 a try, and a Windows update it required hosed his computer, so we very nearly had our single release ruined by Far Cry 5. :laughing:


Did something nice and mellow for the Waypoint Songwriters’ Club:


Hi, Arif Maulana a.k.a Newosqie lives in Indonesia. In March 17th 2018, I was released my 1st EP “Morning Star”, the theme inspired by my experience as a victim of child abuse since I was kid.

This is the track no.1:

In here I want to seek friends who want to make creativity together with me.


Unscaled - more mellow stuff for the Waypoint Songwriters’ Club:


Really dug that bass run at the beginning there :kissing_smiling_eyes: :ok_hand: some real cool complimenting chords around the 0:50 mark too!


Hi! OP here. Please check out and enjoy my new electro/dance/punkish project!!


I released a soundtrack EP! It’s for a watery game that came out on Switch :slight_smile: