Musicians, post your music!


Some uncharacteristically electronic stuff for the Waypoint Songwriters Discord:


So I got this t-shirt:

And I tried my best:

It ended up sounding more like a m83 interlude than anything resembling trap, but having never sampled anything before, I’m pretty happy!


this is everything i never knew i wanted


All of you folks are so talented geez


You all have inspired me to try my hand at making (probably not so great) music. The links are on bandcamp but they’re free. I just like the organization of bandcamp compared to others.

Here’s my stuff so far but yeah! Making music is cool!


One of my latest tracks ‘Tidying Up’, recording with an acoustic guitar and a keyboard (all I have!). Please let me know what you think:


Some uncharacteristically soft ballady stuff from me. This has no distortion in it and it disturbs me greatly.


I did a live, 3 synthesizer cover of a song from the FTL soundtrack the other day.


I once did a cover of Roygbiv by Boards of Canada that I’m still pretty okay with

I should open ableton again…


I released an ambient instrumental album a few years ago, which unfortunately coincided with the passing of my mother. Haven’t made anything since, but have been feeling the itch lately.

Anyway, you can find me as The Music Plays You on Bandcamp ( or Spotify (


Hi, Everyone :slight_smile:

I’m Bowo, from Jakarta, Indonesia. I’m a musician, having a band named Attilion and here’s the Spotify link below so you can listen to. Cheers :slight_smile:

Here’s our video on Youtube:


Hey y’all like VGM? Synth rock? Violins and keytars? Space Harrier? I am of Arc Impulse and we do exactly those things.

I hope I did the embed right. Working on a new album, hopefully out this year/early next. It’s ultra cool to see composers in this thread, making music rules and so does listening to music

music rules


Continuing the discussion from Musicians, post your music!:

I made an electronic Music EP with a theme “child abuse”
This is fresh because of the new genre: Dash Bass / Valstep. You can found that the beat is extraordinary but still danceable one.
They have lyrics too & you can read it by searching on google “newosqie lyrics”

what do you think about this fresh music?