MWH is Intimidating, This is Dauntless

I want to a do a write-up about this game somewhere, you know, the cute looking F2P Monster Hunter’s inspired game? Put about 5 hours into it yesterday just thinking I would see what it was about, and next thing I knew it was scratching an itch I didn’t know I needed scratched. It removes some of my favorite parts of MHW such as the tracking and the complex biomes BUT it also removes a lot of clutter. You get into games quick (at least on PC), the item system is straight forward, and you can modify looks to your choosing (with some microtransaction caveats).

I know Dauntless has now been around for a little while but it took me by surprise how good it feels NOW. A game that if the player base stays on board, could continue to add new monsters, new mechanics, and new modes.

Anyone else playing it? Thoughts?

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I’ve been playing a ton of Dauntless since it went up and absolutely love it. As someone who hasn’t played any hunter style games before, I agree that this has been a really friendly introduction to the genre. I also get a warm and fuzzy from seeing different platforms seamlessly playing together with no issue.

PSA, there’s a Waypoint guild (Waypwntless) that has some great folks who are down to party up and slay some behemoths. I believe you can ask for an invite on the Waypoint discord.

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Have the framerate issues been fixed on PS4? I’m not a huge stickler for frame rate or anything, but that game would just CHUG at launch.