My 2021 Game of the Year Is a Cowboy Shooter from 2018

After the blogs are done, the interviews filed, and the work day is over many of my coworkers retreat into gaming. Most of them play Call of Duty: Warzone with the obsession and dedication of professional gamers. They have invited me to play many times, but my heart belongs to another. My game of the year, the thing I spent the most time playing in 2021, is a cowboy shooter from 2018 called Hunt: Showdown. As of this writing, I have just hit 400 hours. Most of that was in 2021.

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As someone who only discovered Hunt: Showdown this year but already put in checks notes 50 hours I’m very much feeling this article.


I’m assuming 10+ of those hours are just listening to the theme in the main menu.

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It’s pieces like this that make me ask “why isn’t Gault on the pod more often???”

I’ve heard about this game a little bit before. It’s really interesting, but I don’t think I’d ever play it unless a group of my friends decided to start playing it.

I’d be very interested in Gault guiding some of the other waypoint peeps on a Hunt stream. I could see Rob and Cado particularly getting into this.

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Rob and Austin did play it a bit for Savepoint 2020 if you want to check that out. It was a fun segment, the game looks great.