My Cheapo Guide to Cheapo Airfare!


I feel like we’re all in a situation where we WANT to travel around the world, but unfortunately either don’t have the time or money to partake in said travel. Well, do I have some good ass sites for you to save in your bookmarks folder!

The first is Secret Flying!

Secret Flying is a GOD SEND. I have found so many awesome deals through this site, specifically my flight from LA to Tokyo Roundtrip for only 500 dollars. To put that in perspective, most flights from LA to Japan are about 1,000 or more depending on the time of year.

Shit, I looked up what my city is offering right now, and I could go to Rome for under 400 bucks right now.

That’s crazy! It has systems in place to find flights specific to your city as well.

Secret Flying has a app too!

The next site I recommend is Skiplagged! This acts a lot like Google Flights, only it allows you to adjust little details like date and stops to get a better rate. The best way to game this it to put your dates you’d be willing to travel, say between August and September, and then look for the slider at the top that looks like so:

You then adjust your depart and return for a good deal.

Skiplagged ALSO has an app!

The next is:

I don’t have much experience with this one, but I think the way it works is that it sends you personalized emails for where and when you wanna go, and sends you deals corresponding to those dates. But it looks like they’ve updated it.

I know this comes off like an ad, but I have had personal friends thank me for showing them stuff like Secret Flying. It’s definitely a lifestyle, being able to buy a flight in a specific time frame, but if this kind of thing appeals to you it is well worth it.

Traveling opens your perspective to so many different things. I know it’s rough to afford to travel, so I hope you can find something good and cheap.

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I appreciate it. I like looking at all these websites and all the flight deals, but most of them are close to useless to me because they would involve me spending money to fly to another city to get the good rate. I would probably still save money, but I would open myself up to the chance for so many things to go wrong.
I wish I could be a person that just decided to do overseas trips on a whim. But just with where both my spouse and I are job wise and in life that thing where you decide on a big trip one month in advance just doesn’t work for us. We’re planning a vacation for may of next year. That’s how we have to do it for anything more than a long weekend. (it also could be that we are a pair of old sticks in the mud afraid of spontaneity).
But I will keep these sites in mind.

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Yeah, I know this way of traveling is difficult. I don’t want to imply that this form of spontaneous travel is perfect or anything, but if you’re in a place where you have some PTO days and could probably drop things for some travel, then these sites are really great.

My wife and I used Scott’s cheap flights to get from my city to Madrid round trip for about $700 each, those flights are generally $1,250. Everything went well, I can vouch for it!

Another thing to remember is that one you’re actually in Europe, it’s cheap to get around Europe. We flew from Madrid to Lisbon round trip for $80 each.


Nice, Japan has similar in country flights that are super cheap.

But the JR Pass is so worth it if you’re new to bullet trains.

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So, so far, these look about as good as Skyscanner ( ) which has been my go-to for searching for flights for several years. (From the design of the Skiplagged site, I think they might be using the same API boilerplate as Google Flights, too.)

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