My Favorite Game of 2020 Wouldn't Let Me Look Away

It’s been a hell year, and this is most likely going to run in the new year, so I won’t go into just how shit it was. You don’t need me to tell you how wide reaching the pandemic was because you are more likely to have felt the repercussions personally. So instead I’ll present this following list with little preamble aside from this: Games, as with many art forms, will often run the gamut between distracting entertainment to biting critique of the world, any any mix of the two. In times of strife people will reach for a wide variety of media, from soothing balm to a mirror to our world that helps contextualize their suffering. Any personal approach to consuming media is valid, but I hope that as a community we will continue to push and encourage more games that act as a mirror and not just those we can escape into.

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