My Girlfriend has a phobia of maps but wants to play Crusader Kings


Hi all, unique problem. Gifted my girlfriend my old Humble Bundle copy of Crusader Kings 2 but forgot she has a phobia of atlas maps. She really wants to try it though! Are there settings in Game to hide the map, lock the zoom to be very close in or just get rid of the map altogether? Alternatively are there any games with the generated RP depth of CK2 that don’t have maps?

Subtopic: have you ever had a phobia stop you from being able to play a game you really wanted to?
For me a fear of the dark meant I had to play Gone Home in multiple sittings despite knowing the ending from the start.


I think you’d probably have a really hard time playing CK2 or other empire-building strategy games if maps gave you issues since most of the core gameplay is map-driven. If she wants generated RP but without the atlas-style maps then perhaps something like Dwarf Fortress or Rimworld might scratch that itch. They’re less about a single ruler’s narrative and more about colonies of people, but they still retain the generated relationships and organic narratives you’d see in something like CK.


The thought of drowning really fucks me up, so any game (even ones like Banjo Kazooie and Sonic) where a character can die if they run out of breath is hard for me to play.


What an unusual phobia. You can play very zoomed in, but can’t answer if it will automatically zoom out at points. Difficult for us to say what is an acceptable level of map looking for her.

King of Dragon Pass might be an alternative. It’s not really the same type of game, but it is a sort of kingdom simulator and lets you make a bunch of decisions with various outcomes. Some maps may be involved though.


There’s the CK2 mod Crises of the Confederation which is CK2 in Space -

The map is a lot more abstract and is really just a bunch of linked circles, rather than a map of Europe.


Sol Trader, maybe?

I vaguely remember Jack and Austin streamed it, but it appears to have been scrubbed from the past broadcasts on twitch of Jack, Austin, as well as the Waypoint account.


Check out Reigns for IOS. All the choices none of the maps.


Stellaris is by the same developers as CK2, and has a similar level of depth, though personally I tend to prefer the more personal RP that comes from actually playing a specific person over the more general RP that comes from controlling a nation. Instead of traditional maps it’s just planets and stars, with lines connecting them. Theres also colours to denote borders.

Here’s an example of what the game looks like from the map view.


Thanks for all the suggestions! She tried to start it up but the movement of the map swinging over from Europe to Africa in the menu spooked her. Have recommended Stellaris and Reigns to her and linked her to the thread too. AFAIK her fear relates to the density of information rather than the height or anything so Stellaris may be a bit touch and go but who knows.


Deep sea.
I will not play SOMA and while I finished Bioshock that shit is scary. I’ll try to play Abzü at some point since it’s more colourful but I just know they’re gonna make it dark at some point.
I also had immense trouble piloting the submarine in GTA:V, most if not always kept it at the surface, screw that unskippable crap, man.


I am extremely anxious and jumpy to such a degree that you could say I have a fear of fear? I can’t play any horror games and even games that are not at all horror-y but have sudden unexpected movement or sound are terrifying to me. Even like, sudden cutscenes may have me jumping in my seat. I have definitely screamed while getting shot out of the blue in PUBG because it happened so sudden…


King of Dragon Pass is an oldie and a lot like CK2, but almost all of the action happens outside of the map. However, I haven’t played enough to know how essential what does happen on the map is (though the wiki says it’s a very important part of the game that should not be underestimated). On the gog version, at least, it’s a fixed zoom, static screen, what you see on this page is as dense as it gets:

Some other things, the version on GOG is the original PC version and has some trouble running occasionally (this solution worked for me). There’s a version on iOS and Android with redone art, and that one was ported to Steam, and it works like every other phone port on Steam.

There’s also Long Live The Queen! I haven’t dedicated enough time to it, but CK2 players seem cool with it. It definitely doesn’t have the scale of CK2, but it seems like it’s a lot deeper on the RP stuff, and it also doesn’t look like it has a map.


My only real-life phobia is spiders. There have been a couple times - Resident Evil 2, for example - where I had to take a break and mentally prepare myself to deal with the spidery bits of a game. But, no matter how realistic graphics get, I’d still rather fight 1000 spiders in Diablo 3 than have one picture of a real spider surprise me in my Twitter timeline. (There was one picture in a Buzzfeed list recently that involved a spider and a window visor and… gah, I get stressed just thinking about it. I’ve also started putting my visor down when I get out of the car.)

Weirdly, there’s something in games that makes me anxious that doesn’t bother me at all in real life: massive ocean ships. Ship-to-ship is fine, but if my character is just a normal sized person, massive tanker ships freak me the hell out. In GTA5, in particular the parts where you had to move around (and under! Yeesh) the port full of container ships was pretty stressful.


I have a similar fear of open water but for some reason ABZU didn’t bother me at all, if that helps to hear. The lack of a real looming threat in that game combined with the serene music and relaxed pace makes the depths seem a lot less hostile.