My long awaited city trial tierlist

Here is the tier list you’ve all been waiting for. I didn’t include flight star as it’s only available in City Run.

I’m right and we all know it. Do not @ me.


Money Match me City Trial FT10


I have no idea what ‘city trial’ is, but Dedede absolutely should be way higher on that list


De-de-de-finitely not.


I assume the only reason Sonic is not on here is because I trusted him and we escaped from the city

A core pillar of city trial is flexibility. You need to be able to swap cars and abilities to fit your needs. Being locked into the sword power drops Dedede and Meta Knight into D tier. There might be an argument that Meta Knight should be placed higher due to his mobility, but Dedede is Dedede tier.


Dedede has more important things to do:


Rest assured, He’d be S-Tier if the category was “Cute Bird Royalty”

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Wagon got robbed

I wanted to rank it lower but I knew the Wag-gang would dog pile me so the C rank is appeasement

Swerve and slick are waaaay overrated
I’d take formula over either of those poorly-rounded junkers anyday

I propose the following:

Star Tiers

S: Jet, Dragoon
A: Winged, Hydra, Wheelie Scooter, Swerve
B: Warp, Rex Wheelie, Shadow, Wheelie
C: Formula, Turbo, Compact, Wagon
D: Rocket, Bulk, Slick

Character Tiers

S: Red Kirby, Purple Kirby
A: Brown Kirby
B: Blue Kirby, Pink Kirby, Yellow Kirby
C: Green Kirby, Dedede
D: White Kirby, Meta Knight

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Quite frankly, the slick star disrespect I am seeing in this chat is upsetting and disgusting. Learn 2 Turn gang.

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poorly rounded? thats the Slick Star’s whole thing!! folks,


An Addendum

Game Modes
S: City Trial
A: N/A
B: Top Ride
C: Air Ride
D: N/A

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Wheelie scooter???

It’s shaped like a friend

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