My Time At Portia's out of Early Access!

WELL THIS IS UNEXPECTED. I remember playing the demo for this game when it first dropped and thought it was cute and there was potential, but it was a long way off. Honestly I was expecting this one to cook for about 8 months or so, I’m shocked it’s out.

Has anyone been watching this one? As someone who loved Slime Rancher and Stardew Valley, I’m always craving another chillax game. Is this that one? Is it, as we say in the industry, “good?”

Hadn’t really heard of it, but I saw this brief write up from Laura Kate Dale.

I had this on my Steam wishlist for ages until the Switch version was announced. I have been avoiding watching gameplay videos or looking up too much. It looks like my type of game.

Yeah I don’t have a Switch yet bc I always wait a long time before buying consoles, but hearing this is gonna go to Switch lets it get a little more polish for when I finally get it. :laughing:

According to Steam I’ve put 15 hours into the game so far, and I think it’s a pretty solid, fun little game. (They finally ironed out the performance issues, thankfully, because it originally ran like dogshit on my not-that-terrible laptop.) It’s VERY slow and rather resource intensive to create things, but I’ll definitely keep playing. The characters in town are fun (except for the church, the church dude is the worst) but building your relationships with them is ALSO slow. Don’t go into this expecting Stardew Valley, unless your favorite part of Stardew is the mining and crafting and not really doing any farming at all.

If anyone has any other questions about the game, I’d be happy to answer them!

Sure I have a few! I super need another chill game, I just dunno if this is that.

Is there a plot to the game?
Can I romance anyone and if so is that gender locked at all?
Multiple reviews have mentioned the slow pace but I’m still not sure what you’re crafting in this game actually?
My least favorite thing about Stardew was the incredibly lackluster writing. Is Portia any better, because that’s a huge point in its favor.

As far as I can tell, there’s a little bit of a plot, and most importantly there’s a lot of backstory to explore and try to figure out what exactly happened to the old world and stuff. I haven’t gotten through everything by any stretch of the imagination.

Romance is possible and doesn’t seem to be gender locked at all. My lady builder has been getting pretty strong vibes from the farmer lady next door, and I also flirt with the fashionista who works at the restaurant a lot.

Basically you’re trying to get materials, usually through mining or foraging, to craft other building materials for large items (like additional tool areas, bridges, cars, etc.) or to prepare stuff for others. Like, think of the bulletin board in Stardew but with multiple options for contracts you can take. For example, just last night I was making copper blades for the furniture maker, which meant I needed to mine copper ore, refine it to copper bars, and then use another machine to turn copper bars into copper blades.

If you thought the writing in Stardew wasn’t good, I don’t think you’ll find anything that much better in Portia. It’s okay, but not great.

I picked it up on sale, and I definitely feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth so far, and I’m curious to see the changes in the release copy. If you’re interested, I’d definitely check out the demo and see what’s going on in the game.

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