My top 10 favorite Monsters in Monster Hunter


Number 10 is Basarios. He is a sweet dumb boy and he’s been around forever. He teaches you about weapon durability and explosions.

Number 9 is Tigrex. The Fabby or gatekeeper of MonHun. Tigrex is there to see if you’re going to survive harder difficulties.

Number 8 is Yian Garuga. You have to sympathize with this thing because it’s basically a walking nightmare. It teaches you that you suck.

Art by Halcyon

Number 7 is Gravios. The great dane of wyverns. Gravios is not aware of how big he is and he wants to be a lap dog. Also, fuckin lasers.

Number 6 is Chameleos. He’s a big dumb nerd and he’s prob the easiest Elder Dragon to fight but he’s so goddamn goofy.

Number 5 is Barioth. Proud ice mom cat. Everyone loves her. Fight is really fun and exciting. Armor and weapons are aweome.

Number 4 is my big dumb ballet helicopter son Duramboros. What a dumb moron of a monster but the only fight I’ve ever laughed out loud at.

Number 3 is Zamtrios. He’s a shark. He’s a frog. He’s a balloon. He’s Zamtrios.

Number 2 is Seregios. She’s a rooster mixed with a pinecone and all the hate of both together. She teaches the best dodge is standing still.

Number 1 is Yian kut-ku. If you don’t get it you haven’t played long enough. Kut-ku’s are the heart of MonHun. They do their best.

Number 0 is Deviljho. It’s not a fun fight. Somehow the most dangerous monster in MonHun has become a fan favorite. They’re the Mako of monhun.
Art by NCH

What are your favorites and why?


Shoutout to the Plesioth for literally being Metal Gear RAY.

Like, literally exactly that.


My overall favorite is Tigrex. It’s such a weird mix of wyvern, and T-rex with nice stripes. I was pretty terrified of it in Freedom2 even though every monster was horrific in the older games. Recentish favorite is Zamtrios. Everyone loves a hefty shark with arms and legs!

I think aside from Tigrex, I tend to like more non-winged/wyvern monster types. MH4 went into a really good direction by introducing more insects and huge snakes. It really sparked hope in me that the next game would be crawling with huge beetles, worms and flying insects to fight. Who knows, maybe even the Vespoid Queen would make a return. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case with MHWorld. The game still looking pretty good though.


Nargacuga! neat armour, incredibly cool weapons, and just a fun feeling fight. also you can go “ooooh nargacuga” while fighting it if you’re a huge dumbass like me.


Metal Gear Hips


I haven’t played enough monster hunter to have 10 favourites. But I didn’t like that orange monkey baboon flying squirrel thing on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.


I miss read and thought i was coming to see your top ten favorite monsters in Monster Factory.

“Borth Sampson has gotta make the list!”


I love your #1!!! Forget just being the unofficial mascot (sorry palicoes), kut-ku was my first wall, and almost the reason I stopped playing the game originally. Stupid chicken game me many a nightmare.

And to a answer your question my favorite monster has gotta be Rajang.

Legit. The theme still gives me goosebumps when I hear it.


Tetsucabra’s probably my favorite


I’m 100% here for your #0!!! I drew a gif of me and my friends hiding from Deviljho lol
“Deviljho… why do you always burst in and ruin everyone’s fun?” I ask.
“OMNOMNOM” says Deviljho.
Rest of my list in no particular order: Nibelsnarf, Zamtrios, Serigios, Nargacuga, Zinogre, Royal Ludrath, Gigginox, Qurupeco and the classic Rathalos lol
Probably one of the most memorable fights was when Qurupeco called in two Deviljhos and I was just like: ARE YOU SERIOUS


Peco was always a fun fight in low rank using a hammer. Just duff him in the chest when he calls. And if he gets it off it’s just a Great Jaggi. But high rank I did my best to avoid hunts that had him listed unless otherwise required.


Seregios is probably my favorite, or at least the monster I’ve fought the most. I also really like Lagiacrus, Ludroth, and Quropeco, Agnaktor, Nargacuga, Mizutsune and Astalos. Really looking forward to some of the monsters I’ve seen from MH World, such as Legiana and Tobi-Kadachi.


My favourites off the top of my head are Zinogre and Astalos. Love the lightning bros.


History’s greatest monster- Man.