My Turn - Mandy (2018)

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This is the first time I’ve listened to one of these when I haven’t seen the movie. I honestly don’t know if the real movie can possibly live up to the absolutely wild thing that’s been conjured in my imagination. Which, thinking about it, is the experience of watching a lot of the metal inspired 80’s horror B-flicks I used to spend my blockbuster dollars on. The experience of a piece of media really does start the first time you hear about it.

5 star pod.


I was devastated when they didn’t pick Annihilation but now… I guess it doesn’t matter anymore. :frowning:

This was an extremely cool movie and this was a very cool movie. Check out Panos Cosmotos’s episode of Cabinet of Curiosities on Netflix, it’s the best one by far, Eric Andre is there, there’s intense gore and surreal nightmare.

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Mandy is both as absurd as they make it, and weirdly nowhere near as absurd as I was hoping for.

I watched Mandy for the first time in preparation for this podcast in the before times. Reputation had painted a very specific picture of this; I was expecting something like Crank but with an art house bent and a cinematographer that no one said no to. Instead it’s weirdly kind of tame? Even putting aside the slow burn opening, when the gloves finally come off it’s mostly intense bursts of hyper violence strung between loooooooong pieces of mood and tone. I still liked it a lot, but if you go in expecting Hotline Miami the movie, you’re going to leave unsatisfied. It doesn’t help that the action is pretty average. The backdrop may be otherworldly, but the dudes hitting each other are very much grounded in an earthly plane where Nicolas Cage is pushing sixty.

It’s definitely worth the time if you’re interested in the imagery of it even a little. The way it drowns the screen in intense color and deep blacks at the same time, if nothing else you’ll leave the movie with certain images burned into your memory.

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I didn’t rewatch Mandy for this pod so the only time I’ve seen it was in a theatre during its initial limited release. The section where - I think Ren or maybe Rob? - was talking about audiences struggling to know how to respond to certain scenes, certain displays of emotion, struck a chord with my recollections from that audience. Despite the people I was (unwillingly) watching it with, I liked a whole lot about it, even though I think I’d now agree the tempo is a little off.

Still, some incredible imagery! The one scene that overlays Linus Roache and Andrea Riseborough’s faces in the firelight, morphing back and forth between the two, still haunts me.

As for the end of My Turn, I’m going to be really sad for the end of this WP+ segment. I don’t want to get back into speculation in this thread but if the team decided they couldn’t make a Waypoint successor into a full-time gig but did want to keep producing stuff together I’d absolutely pay money for a semi-regular movie pod from them in the style of My Turn, Waypoints, Mannhunting, or Be Good and Rewatch It - or any other gimmick they care to apply.