My Turn - White House Down

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i will NOT hear disparaging remarks about moonfall

The movie sure was stupid, but I wish it also was fun, yaknow? I got Emmeriched once again

Still enjoyed it as a pick from the crew, wouldn’t have ever seen it otherwise. And Hail, Caesar next? Should be fun.

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I’m sorry, I love Emmerich and I love big stupid movies like this, Geostorm was a lot of fun, for example, The Core is a lowkey masterpiece.

Moonfall is a pile of shit. Independence Day 2-levels of awful.

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I can’t believe the Waypoint crew got me to watch this movie. I have so many good ones in my watch pile, and I blew 2 hours on this.

I did find the politics interesting if incoherent, and the performances did a lot with very little so it wasn’t a complete waste, but man. Not a good movie.

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To offer just a slightly more positive comment to the thread, here’s a couple of moments that I enjoyed in the movie:

  • When Channing Tatum plays a crybaby in the bathroom to hide that he has a gun before shooting a terrorist. So goofy!
  • The car chase on the lawn, which I agree with the crew about being too long but it was a breath of fresh air compared to how stale the rest of it it.
  • Air Force One being shot down looks so silly it had me in tears.
  • The tour guide clonking a bad guy in the end is classic action movie cheese.

But yeah, I wish the other action scenes were similarly fun instead of this in-between tacticool and John McClane fiasco, as the WP crew remarked on. Or heck, just nail The Rock or Crimson Tide style suspense.

Admittedly I’m now mildly curious of how the crew would take to Emmerich’s Anonymous.

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Of the two White HousexDie Hard movies I think I do prefer this to Olympus Has Fallen, but mostly because I can remember absolutely nothing about that one and yet quite a bit sticks out from this flick. The Beast car chase, James Woods inexplicably playing himself - at least it’s memorable and occasionally pretty entertaining.

I think it’s arguably the best use of the single f-word in a PG-13 movie

Oh also: I wish someone (feels like a Patrick move) had pitched Big Game as the follow up movie: Sam Jackson as the US President shot down over Finland, teams up with the kid from Rare Exports. I highly recommend it.

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