Nailed It! Mexico is my first time watching a non-English show


One, Nailed It! Mexico is amazing. The host is AS funny as the American one and it turns out that wherever you go you’ll find folk who don’t know why they should read a recipe.

But what it’s really revealing to me is that when I watch TV I apparently rarely look at the screen. I’ll look at my phone or be playing a game or reading a book and I 100% can’t do that with this show because I have to read the subtitles. It’s kind of amazing having a tv show that makes me focus. I feel like i’m catching a lot more of the jokes than I normally would.

Also Sylvia shows up in Nailed It! Mexico as well and it’s very funny. She’s my favorite.


I was gonna say that I watched Terrace House last month and that was my first time watching a non-English show, but then I remembered that’s nonsense because I’m Canadian. There were French shows and movies on the CBC all the time. I just haven’t turned on the CBC in 12 years, so second screen viewing wasn’t a thing back then. Watching through Terrace House was a nice focused experience and I’m not sure it would be the same if it were in English.


I’ve watched plenty of subtitles over the years between Irish language programming and anime. But I noticed something else weird. My girlfriend’s a fluent but non native English speaker and so she likes to have English subtitles on for English language watching. And I find it hard to not read them while we watch, even though it can ruin the pacing of a scene or make me pay too little attention to the tone of how the line is actually being said. I have to actively try to focus on the action itself, otherwise my eyes drift to the bottom of the screen.


This is interesting to me because growing up moving abroad I rarely had access to shows in English. El Chavo del Ocho, Digimon, Card Captor Sakura, Keenen & Kel, Futurama and a hand full of soap operas were the shows that basically taught me Spanish outside of class (and home). I like to have wrestling on my phone while I cook dinner & I notice recently that shows that have English commentary I want to sit down and watch while shows in Spanish, Chinese or Japanese I tend to just have in the background and peek up when the commentators get excited even though those styles of wrestling appeal to me much more than most shows in English I’ve seen.