Name A Game Franchise. Name A Musician. What's Your Dream OST?

A few years back, I was hit with a sensation, ephemeral but certain. I felt it erupt in my mind like a geyser that had been waiting to surge forth and obliterate my preconceptions in one swift blast. I was rocked to the core, unable to recover for days, my mind stuck in a loop on the same thought.

The next F-Zero soundtrack should be written and performed by Seal.

Now it is your turn to enter into this cosmic revelation.

If you could pair any musical artist or group and a game franchise, what would that pairing be? What’s your dream soundtrack, and why?

For the record, outside of my obviously perfect F-Zero x Seal idea, AKA F-Sealo.

I think Umihara Kawase would go along wonderfully with the musical style of Casiopea. They’re music always has these fun, beachy vibe that I think would pair with the cute positive energy of Umihara Kawase.

Most of the time I ask myself this question, it’s “Tom Waits should score everything”



Dragon Age:

I’d love it if more games that have a darker tone embraced his weird, shambolic sound


If we’re ever graced with the “cyber souls” game from FromSoft a lot of people are pining for, I would have loved to have seen it scored by Chu Ishikawa. Probably best known for composing the music to the Tetsuo film series (a difficult to watch if fascinating series - I’d suggest looking at the appropriate cws) Ishikawa produced some of my favourite industrial music out there in his lifetime:

It’s so guttural and evocative of the Cronenbergian body-horror that is found in Tetsou, that I imagine would be a good fit for a “cyber souls” setting. In one of the newer films Ishikawa collaberated with Trent Reznor to produce another one of my favourites (cw: gets very loud around the 1:20 mark)


Mick Gordon has done great work on the current crop of Bethesda-published titles - including Prey - but I always thought Arkane’s immersive sims would kick so much more ass if they were scored by Trent Reznor.

Emily you have no idea how much I just want a Tetsuo game, youve opened me UP

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Give me a Zelda game scored by Jeremy Soule. Or let Gordon Goodwin write the music for Deathloop. There’s not nearly enough big band jazz in video games.


I’m still convinced we already were getting this (indirectly) from FromSoftware since day one. I wrote a lot of words about it here which might interest you since I feel like Chu Ishikawa was very influential on a few developers in the mid 90s.

If you don’t want to read it here’s the short version:

Takashi Miike has had two major composers do the music for most of his work, Chu Ishikawa and Koji Endo, both of whom have also collaborated with each other a few times. Koji Endo was part of a production studio called SoundKids, also credited in some Miike flicks that Chu Ishikawa worked on.

Check out FromSoftware’s sound in the 90s and earliest 00s. IMO this stuff is amazing accompaniment for the dark fantasy game content they went with. Here’s a sampling:

Another company I love, SNK, a lot of their early 90s games you can tell from the music they were totally fans.


oh! this reminds me. big band renditions of mario (and zelda!) music totally exist, but are not in games (to my knowledge).
mario especially is a perfect fit. some of those tunes already have a big band kind of feel, in my mind. just bring in all the instruments and do it for real.

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One that exists and I enjoyed was HudMo doing the soundtrack for Watchdogs 2.

I had some ideas for responses to this topic but they are irrelevant now because this post is objectively the correct answer.


In an interview promoting Smile, Wata, the guitarist for BORIS, said she was playing a lot of Pokemon on tour and jokingly told fans she would trade and battle with them. So… my dream is for a Pokemon soundtrack that fluctuates between droning and ambience to something super heavy. I want to face off against my rival and hear Vomitself.

Alternatively, give Pokemon a true minimalist soundtrack a la Hiroshi Yoshimaru’s Music for Nine Post Cards or Tim Hecker’s Dropped Pianos.

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The Nintendo Special Big Band can swing.

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all i can think about rn is what if Iannis Xenakis scored a Bloodborne sequel.
do me a favor, open this video of (Bloodborne spoilers) Vicar Amelia Boss fight, put the volume down to 25%, and start it at the same time as this recording of “Charisma” by Iannis Xenakis.

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no idea why this came to mind first, but i’d love to play a yoko kanno scored halo.

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Maybe they can just contact Luatic Calm/Hooverphoni/ etc. directly. :smiley:

Almost forgot, nothing against the series’ various composers of course but my dream scenario for this would be any of the members of Goblin doing a Castlevania game:

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From Software make an Afro Samurai game with a new soundtrack by the RZA.


Tetris and Autechre. Imagine it in a style like Effect, where the music reacts to the gameplay… :weary:

A new Mother game with aivi & surasshu (the duo behind a lot of the Steven Universe music).