Name the bonus Waypoint podcast show


They just announced they’re doing a bonus podcast and it needs a name. Austin wanted “video game book club” but it’s mostly claimed. Put your suggestions here:

I vote for the “Big Bo Show” on behalf of Patrick


The Dark Souls of Podcasts
The Brooklyn Definition


Video Game Grimoire


Biiiiiig Boooo


VICE Gaming’s New Podcast


I love both of them and will add:

Digital Pyramids Podcast



Waypoint People, Looking for a Place to Go


I’m not sure if they want to have a name with “Waypoint” in it (obviously, “Video Game Book Club” doesn’t) but since it focuses on completing games together and talking about it after the end… what about:

Reaching the Waypoint
Final Waypoint
After the Waypoint


Replay & Reply
Leave No Game Behind


If its all about being a companion to playing games, encouraging you to play certain things etc. then how about:
Pointing the Way


get this, “wheypoint” radio. haha.
assuming, again, that this bonus podcast will be about cheese byproducts and/or cheese itself. which is, at the least, very likely.


That’s a good one


OK, thread over. You win.


Views from the Sticks


If the current podcast is “Waypoint Radio” new one could be like “Waypoint Talkthrough” or something like that to go along with the naming scheme.


senpai noticed me


well, that settles that locks thread

just kidding the podcast should obviously be called Cultural Marxism Club


Just give in and call it #Content


Considering how waypoints are largely used in the context of quests, I’m bouncing around names like “Bonus Objectives” or “Secondary Objectives”.