Name the bonus Waypoint podcast show

Points of Interest is probably my favorite so far.

Encounter at Waypoint (@girltype)
Wayback (@LesVeggies)

My ideas:
Waypoint Salon
Our Way Together
Something for the Way (I like the theme of having the podcast/game for the month ahead)

Waypoint High Homework Club


i am in awe at how good this is

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connecting to lobby one

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Waypoint Radio Plays:
Riff on Radio Plays and act of playing

Waypoint Coordinates:
Play on location coordinates(for a waypoint) and act of coordinating a group of people to achieve a goal

Waypoint Beacon:
sweet and simple


I read this whole thread and your suggestion for video game grimoire is the one that stuck in my brain. I can already hear Austin gleefully saying it while Patrick’s eyes roll so hard it registers in his mic.

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Waypoint 101
Final Fancast
A Shared Vice
Hot Coffee Podcast
The Brunch Club


I’m lucky enough to already have a copy of Binary Domain, and I’ve been looking for a reason to play it again.

There have been some great ideas in the thread. I’ll throw in:

-Hindsight Forum (or just Hindsight)
-Back in the Good Old Games

I’m not sure if those nail the concept of a video game book club podcast.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the show.

Point the Way.
The Waypoint Media Class.
A study in games.
(Waypoint) Lit Class.(Because like… it’s lit, but also it’s lit? Your groans fuel me.)
Video games 101 (Surely, taken.) (201, 420, get into masters level number coding.)
Waypoint’s Natural 20.
Play a while and listen.
Actual Let’s Play.
Waypoint’s Audio Video Game Forum Discussion
Cold Takes/Deep cuts/Baked tak- well…
"Video games?"
Digital Digest (Probably some kind of copyright issue.)

That just makes me want to suggest Waypoint Walk With Me as a title.


Yeah I kind of really like Checkpoint.
"This month on Checkpoint we’re playing Binary Domain."
“This month’s Checkpoint is Binary Domain.”

Not sure which usage works better though.

@Niko, @nightpool, and others who suggested “Checkpoint”: there is already a gaming-themed news show on youtube done by LoadingReadyRun by that name , so I’d guess that’s off the table.

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Ah bummer. I’m not terribly surprised though :wink:

Oh yeah, it’s a super good name, very memorable, that’s why it was taken :smiley:

I’d love it to be named after Austin and Patrick’s shared wonderful vocal tick: “Ah, Ah”

Bad names incoming:

Playpoint Radio
Waypoint Recollects
Waypoint Looks Back
Waypoint Replay
Waypoint Rerun

… OK, I’ll stop.

EDIT: @Xiim already did Playpoint. My Ctrl F skills are lacking. Their ‘A Shared Vice’ suggestion is also pretty tops.

  • What’s in a Game?
  • “Do You Know What I Mean?” [I consider this Austin’s catchphrase right behind “Uh-HUH…” and “Hmm…” which are less good titles sadly]
  • Austin’s Counterattack
  • 1-Up for Discussion
  • Book Club Jai Nai (It’s Not Book Club) [my least serious suggestion but to everyone who got this reference, I love you]
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Waypoint Logged
Quest Marker
Mission Log

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How about, since you’ll be playing for a month, Waypoint Reflects.

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None of these are very good…

  • Waypoint Addendum
  • Waypoint Goes Wild
  • Waypoint (Optional)
  • Waypoint Off
  • Waypoint Ramble Cast
  • Which-waypoint
  • The real Waypoint Radio begins.
  • Waypoint: Resurgance
  • Waypoint Colon