Name the bonus Waypoint podcast show

Wepoint Plays

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Or “Side Quest”

Edit: other ppl definitely suggested this as well :upside_down_face:

I want to echo “Old Game +”. That’s really good!

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Waypoint Visual Novel Club

It’s so good that it’s already a thing.

Checking to see if something is already out there is a key part of naming stuff!

This is cute but almost too cute. Also your username is amazing.

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*Waypoint: look back at it. :eyes: :kissing_heart:


Yeah I think that’s our chicken dinner - haven’t seen anything more apt than that.

I propose the following
The Game.Club Cast
Waypoint High Journal Club
Congratulations, you (re)played yourself ft. DJ Khaled

Or just go with the Brooklyn Definition. That gets my vote.

Ha ha, I promise I did! But I Googled “Old Game +” instead of “Old Game Plus” so all that came up were websites titled “9000+ Old Games.” I’ll write it out next time :slight_smile:

Missed Waypoint

Waypoint Lost

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Waypoint Memory Card


Going the Discourse
Save State
Ways and Means OR Ways and Meanings
Memory Cards (mentioned in reply above, sorry)
Quest Giver

Can it just be called Video Games followed by like 14 fire emojis and then a 100?

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"Last Waypoint"
or “Beyond the Last Waypoint”

Playthrough Peer Review

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Full Resolution
Frames of Reference

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I like “Missed Waypoint”

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If I’m understanding the intention here it seems like the games qualifying for the club will be interesting, usually important, but not always “good”. Which sounds a lot like the Criterion Collection. So:

The Waypoint Collection, stylized with a spine number like “The Waypoint Collection #1: Binary Domain”.

Carl’s Jr. Presents: The Bonus Waypoint Podcast Show

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