Name the bonus Waypoint podcast show

Talking Simulator

edit: Drat, already used.

I posted this in the other thread but how about fuq: frequently unasked questions.

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Time Cop

We’re Back: A Gaming Retrospective


Forgotten Gems

Dig Deeper: Floppy, ROM, and CD’s

Knock the Dust Off

So it’s a podcast that works around a book-club styled monthly game choice?
That sounds awesome! Could it be called “Waypoint: Echoes”

you know, to symbolize the generative sounds we’d be building together and to represent how the games are all coming back from the past?

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I’m definitely a fan of “OldGame+.”


I think something along the lines of “Experience”

It’s simple. It’s not outright cheesy pandering like EXP or XP. We play old games to gain that experience. We share our experience with others about the game.

Plus I don’t see a podcast at first glance that has the name.


Waypoint Post Scriptum

Reload Chapter 1
Watercooler Presented by Mt. Dew GameFuel
Grinding Levels

what’s the big deal, just call it Game Club.

not everything needs a fancy name. books don’t have a monopoly on clubs.

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New Save is good


Or at least use that URL for the new podcast feed

Way to the Point

Waypoint Explorers

I believe this makes it feel more inclusive and less of a brand name.

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Ok what about;
Reload - like reloading your old save?
Between Friends
Game Klatch or something with “Klatch” like from Coffee Klatch
Backlog Burn
Beat it
Final cutscene

Some of these are bad, I should go to sleep

“Quest Log” goes very well with “Waypoint”.

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Heh I registered on the forums to post this one because the combination of what this actually is juxtaposed with old Telly Savalas ads for Player’s Club made me laugh.

Then I looked up one of those ads and the Ice Cube movie and both made me sad. :frowning:

I’ve seen a few really good ones! @buriedingroves @RadetskyLarch @mosespippy @Tubatic @Hadrian @John @becciroxmysox @jumley @bearloga @matsemann08 and a couple of others I must have looked over!

Quest Log
Save Files
Side Quest
Frames of reference (I really like this one)

From me:
Waypoint (or Waypoint Presents):The Grind. Hitting on the fact that it’s something you are doing over again (possibly) whether it be for having the experience again or finding out something new about the same thing.


Waypoint Expeditions!

Checkpoint Book Club

Checkpoints are the bookmarks of videogames.


Waypoint Presents: HD (Highly-Detailed) Replay

Run That Shit Back