Name the bonus Waypoint podcast show

I think you should call it Pieces of Heart and i haven’t seen that posted yet.

because going back to find the ones you missed is a common and fun thing to do; and there’s a pun about these featured games being loved, or important for your wellbeing.

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Waypoint Block Party
Waypoint Archives
Waypoint Field Trip (I’m picturing like a Magic School Bus logo image)
Hot Takes, Cold Games

Waypoint’s Afterschool Video Game Club

Make it your Job

Community Games

Monthly Fun Times

This is all gold

Waypoint SQUAD

(SQUAD is always all caps)


Old Game +
Waypoint Historia


Congratulations You’re Done! (spoken as “Waypoint dot club”)

With, of course, that domain to go along with it. (Domain available at the time of this posting)

Someone above said, too, which I like. Whatever you land on it needs a .club domain, all I’m sayin’.

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Games That Aren’t Knack


My idea when first hearing about it was to call it Waypoint Roundtable, if it’s supposed to be a round table discussion. Or idk something like Waypoint Correspondence. I also like the idea some other people have said - Checkpoint

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Previous Saves
New Game +
Super Game CLUB 64


co-signing Wayback

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Same. Wayback is really good. A possible variant would be Backtracking, but I don’t think it’s as good.

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The Critting Circle

Seconded! Was going to say Old Game + myself, I think it’s fitting.

What about…“Tolkein?”

Crouching Behind A Bookshelf: The Life And Times Of A Cover-Based Shooter Protagonist

Play Club
Ludic Group
Games Together
The Games Well

Every month turns out to be KNACK.

“Let Bastion Fuck: A Video Game Podcast.”