Name the Game, the Game Name Thread

When I still browsed the Escapist (BEFORE 2014, calm down) there was a really popular thread where people would seek help tracking down games they couldn’t remember the name of.

Because I don’t want to revisit the Escapist forums any time soon, I thought it would be helpful to create something similar. Do you have only sparse memories of certain games? Well, sound off below and maybe the community can help.

First off, this game has been eating away at my brain for literal years, almost a decade perhaps. It was a PC exclusive title, at least it probably was, released somewhere around the mid-2000’s.

It was a diablo-esque dungeon crawler, with multiple campaigns to choose at the start. You would play as one of four heroes in a group and choose your character at the start of each level. One of the campaigns involved these mystical snake people, one of which was a portly spellcaster with blue skin. Honestly, the thing I most prominently remember about it was that the traditional heroic group had a giant mechanical and/or stone golem named Bastion (and now you know why I created this thread).

Another thing, that looked super awesome when I first saw it on a ps2 demo disc, was this Mech game where you also controlled the pilot on the ground. One of the three mechs you could pilot was a big beefy tank type machine, that one was my favorite.


Don’t have time to have a poke around on your behalf, but my go to for these kinds of situations is the moby games browser which lets you drill down using all sorts of categories:

The mech game sounds like Robot Alchemic Drive, the game that Sandlot, the Earth Defense Force team, made before diving full-on into shooting bugs for a decade. I mean it’s literally even the same city from edf, goodness.

I don’t know about controlling multiple bot types, so this might not be it, but it’s my best guess.

As for the PC game… I can’t say for sure, cuz boy howdy did a buncha games like that come out around the time. But Loki: Heroes of Mythology is my most likely pick. I don’t know if it has a golem, but it has 4 campaigns i believe, has snake people in it, fits the timeframe, and is also a game i kept seeing but never owned either.

Edit: Oh shit, right, also maybe one of the Sacred games? 1 and maybe 2 were out around the time.

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If it’s not Loki, this list might be helpful:

I used to have a awesome ‘movie making’ game I got from a School Box when I was younger.

You basically had to write a script for a film, and there was a little stage about the script writing part of the software where funny anthro characters would come in and read a computer voice generation of your script.

You had to give them little orders, like ‘Enter Stage Left’ and so on, and then dialogue to read.

I remember that there were different editions for different age levels, like Math Blaster or something… God, I wish I could remember these games… It was basically The Movies before that game was even conceived.

RAD was a fucking dope game and it’s exactly what OP was thinking of, I’m sure. There are three different mechs in the game - one turns into a tank, one turns into a plane, and one has rocket fists. Austin would love it, I’m sure.

I’m bumping this thread because I am desperately trying to remember a game that I thiiiink Waypoint wrote about? It was an art game, but unfortunately the only thing I remember was the way you purchased it. It was a very arted-out webpage where you could manually put in your price, and it maxed out at something ridiculous like 10k dollars. The page would change in some way when you moved the slider. I don’t remember much else, but it came recommended? So I want to play it? Help?

Sounds like Oikospiel! (also available at itchio)

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