Name your favorite Kanye West album, and then whether you think anime is good or bad


Just performing a little experiment.

Late Registration, anime is good.

EDIT: Yes, there will be A Graph at some point

EDIT 2: A GRAPH WAS MADE BY @porglezomp in this thread, the science is done.


808s anime is bad


MBDTF, and yes.

Let me know what science you’ll acquire from this.


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, anime is good


Q1) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Q2) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy



Anime is good


The College Drop Out, anime is good


Late Registration, Anime is Good


808s, Amine is Good


Late Registration ( classic soul beats, old happy Kanye, good guest spots)
Anime is good? Look I’m watching Sakura Quest right now, so I can’t even front.


College Dropout, I think anime is alright.


MBDTF, anime is good even if I don’t watch much of it.

EDIT: will there be graphs of the results?


808s & Heartbreak. Like all mediums, anime is good sometimes and bad others.




Yeezus. And I guess anime can be both good and bad?!


This thread is proof that TLOP is a weird mess.


The College Dropout, anime is good.


The one with Heartless, Flashing Lights, Good Life, Amazing with Young Jeezy, Love Lockdown, Touch the Sky, and All Falls Down. Also also, anime good.


College Dropout, Anime is Blood.



paranoia agent single handedly saves anime from the bad heap