Name your least favorite ⚾️ team


  • Mets
  • Yankees
  • Red Sox
  • Cardinals
  • The Mets Again?

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I haven’t thought about my least favorite baseball team since I was 12.


mets are terrible but also cardinals and indians


god damn it don


Red Sox… I can’t say I like any Boston teams actually .


I know Dodgers fans like myself are supposed to hate the Giants, but all things considered I mostly feel the kind of respect that a true rival engenders. I think, especially this season, the Mets are my least favorite. Horrific organization, burning through the prime years of several players.


Hey all, I don’t want to curtail Sports talk because I am here for it, but I don’t think that the team / city / fans you like the least is a good jumping off point because it’s focusing on negativity, verging on stereotyping, and is gonna start fights.

Instead, let’s talk about all the great stuff going on right now!