Naming the 2nd unofficial Waypoint Community Destiny (PC) Clan


Hi all,

So you may have noticed that the [FATT] clan is basically full already and people would still like to join and meet up. Destiny 2 is the hot new thing. As the only reasonable solution to the clan limit of 100, @Crasstiger has given the call to create an affiliated clan just for PC so that those who are already playing on console can find slots more easily. As the game is divided by platform, it makes sense to split clans by platform rather than creating an overflow clan with mixed players who can’t play with each other online. New name, new tag, same rules of conduct and basic infrastructure. Once we set up the new clan then we’ll make sure all the PC profiles transfer over and await the PC launch (and probably an influx of new invites). If interest wanes then the clans may be reunited under [FATT] if there are less than 100 of us total.

But now we need to find a name and tag again, possibly that clearly evokes a link to the affiliated console clan that’s already there. It’s your clan, so what do you think would be a good name? Let us know and we’ll set everything up and ensure everyone can move over.


I believe Friends at the Farm was talked about as something we could change the console clan’s name to before D2 released, possibly a good option to use now?


Yep, I’d definitely be happy with something connected like that.


Friends at a desk


Friends at Red Tree? Too disconnected? :wink:


That would make an interesting 4 letter tag!


Foxes Attacking Titan’s Taken.

I only know how wordplay works when foxes are involved sorry :stuck_out_tongue: :fox_face:


Here are the other two runners up for names when we did the FATT clan name suggestions:

  • Popplio Pals [PALS]
  • Sad Robots Club [SAD]

and I would like to add to the table:

  • Friends at the Taskbar [FATT]
  • Pals at the Tower [PATT]
  • Friends at the File Allocation Table [FAT]


I would prefer to not name the clan after other games myself. Feels a bit like those mashup shirts that’s just like pac man in a doctor who scarf


Why not name it after a faction from FATT? Like Kingdom Come, The Chime or Dead Metal?


One note on PC-related naming: it might be that at some point we rebalance the clans to more evenly spread players (eg right now a PS4-only clan would still be the big one while a combined PC & xbox would be the offshoot) and make sure everyone has a chance at those clan rewards (harder with one clan of 25 people while the other has 95). That would likely mean the clan currently being built for PC players would also get the xbox players. So a name that refers to a PC-exclusive status etc may not continue to play well for potential future shuffles of the Waypoint community to best fit into 100-player clan buckets.

Right now, this is just so we can keep track of PC players and prepare for that launch without turning away console players (as the main clan is out of space) but it’s potentially not always going to just be for PC players. Personally, I’d lean towards something that doesn’t reference the PC (but again, your clan so the forums decide - I’ll probably try and go over the list of names people like and add a poll tomorrow afternoon and then set up a clan based on the winner on Monday).


I’m a sucker for sticking to a theme, so here’s my ideas along those lines.

Friends at the Window(s) [FATW] (sorta works for PC and Xbox?)
Friends at the Reef [FATR] Maybe not the best considering we don’t know if the Reef will be coming back at all, as far as I’m aware at least
Friends of the Traveler [FOTT]


Gamers Gamers Gamers Gamers [GGGG]


Fans Of Xur’s Yarn [FOXY]


Owls in the Barn


Barriers Against Kabal Aggression [BAKA]


The Question Bucket? TQB?


Why not Friends at the Traveler? [FATT]

Is there a limit on repeating clan tags?


I also like the idea of sticking to a “friendly” theme. That makes me partial to the Friends at the … and Popplio Pals


Not sure, honestly. I waffled between the two for awhile and I like both.