Naming the 2nd unofficial Waypoint Community Destiny (PC) Clan


Friends of Bill [FOB]
Friends at the Tower Too [FATTT]
Desktop Tower Friends [DTF]


Ok, this seems to have slowed down so we’ll try a vote (anything not a joke suggestion should be on the list) and see if a winner emerges.

You have up to 3 votes so you don’t just have to pick your favourite but you can’t pick them all. Hopefully this’ll be able to raise up a top answer without anyone feeling stuck in their answer. Vote results will be used tomorrow to create the clan, unless some technical details prevent it.

  • Friends at the Farm [FATF]
  • Friends at the RedTree [FATR]
  • Friends at the Reef [FATR]
  • Friends of the Traveler [FOTT]
  • Owls in the Barn [OITB]
  • Barriers Against Kabal Aggression [BAKA]
  • The Question Bucket [TQB]
  • Popplio Pals [PALS]
  • Sad Robots Club [SAD]
  • Friends at a Desk [FATD]
  • Friends at the Taskbar [FATT]
  • Friends at the File Allocation Table [FAT]
  • Friends at the Window(s) [FATW]
  • Friends of Bill [FOB]
  • Pals at the Tower [PATT]
  • Desktop Tower Friends [DTF]

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Are there plans to set up a second PC clan? looks like the first one filled up pretty fast.


New thread here (2nd PC clan already up and running):

(this thread probably needs to be locked now to avoid potential confusion)


Done. Thanks for the heads up!