Natalie Watson's Top Ten Games of 2017


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When I started at Waypoint (only true Waypoint fans will remember), Breakfast & Battlegrounds was our almost daily stream.

Where were you when #HireNatalie started? This is the question we have to ask ourselves.

I really like this list. There’s some great curveballs in there and some great use of the format to invite academic conversation. I have to say that I didn’t see #3 coming, but #9 echoes my feelings about that game down to a tee. Overwatch brought me into a new genre, and that really says a lot about it.

(P.S. Moira is great tho, you should try her if you find the time)


From #hirenatalie to #freescott

What a journey.


It is so cool and refreshing to see ag list that is not only not exclusively AAA games with a token indie, but also really cool to see one that isn’t exclusively games that actually out this year?

I feel disconnect with GOTY stuff because I so rarely get a chance to play every game that comes out in a calendar year and most of my favourite games in a given year are ones that came out years before and are on sale, or just cheap. So it’s nice to see something similar to that experience represented hear


Can totally relate to those opening moments in Zelda feeling super emotional. It’s such a moment of promise and vision, it’s so intense.


Great list! I really connected with the entry on ToonTown, I’ve been thinking about those sort of online anonymous friendships that games like those bred, this week I’ve been using my old XBOX 360 and looking through my list of friends made circa 2009 in Call of Duty 2 and seeing that they’re all off to their own individual things now, I’m probably the same old anonymous friend from 8 years ago to them, too. We served a purpose to each other back then, though. Thank you for prompting me to think about that!