Naturally, The Episode Without Austin Walker Is The One With Anime

Content warning for discussion of misogyny in film towards the end of the episode.

On Waypoint Radio today, Patrick, Natalie, Rob and Danielle do a little show and tell on the games they've been digging into lately, including We Happy Few, The Final Station, Rome 2's latest expansion and Breath of the Wild. There's also a SECRET SURPRISE anime game from Natalie, and a whole bunch of excellent Waypoints.

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I really love The Final Station too, despite the gameplay hitches that Rob and Danielle touched on. Its level design really grabbed me—the way the levels always circle back around to reveal some set of hidden spaces that give additional context to what that place was and what it was used for somehow never really got old. I’ve played/read/watched a lot of narratives that try to pull the bringing-everything-full-circle trick and for some reason, this game managed to do it continuously for me in a really satisfying manner.

It’s just sad how, in the absence of Danika, everyone is so ashamed to talk about horny anime.

Live your best and proudest self, Waypoint. Talk about the big titty anime.


Does Patrick not go back and read that interview quote from the We Happy Few devs? I was listening in the car so I might have just missed that part of the conversation if I was focused on merging on the highway or whatever.

Seriously though, the minotaur fight in Natalie’s surprise anime is so good! The show is better than it has any right to be.

I haven’t had the chance to listen to the ep in full but I wouldn’t be surprised if they simply forgot to wrap back around to that amidst talking about everything else in the podcast. The interview in question I believe is this one. There was also a discussion about the issues folks were taking with We Happy Few’s depiction of prescription drugs in this thread: