Nautilus Live is back, live streaming deep sea exploration!


One of my favorite live streams just started back up, and ya’ll should check it out.

Nautilus Live is the live stream for the scientific ship E/V nautilus. You get to watch scientists piloting underwater ROVs livestreaming from the bottom of the ocean. They’ve discovered shipwrecks, hydrothermal vents, brine pools, coral reefs, and even a few new species of sea creatures! It’s really fun to see scientists at work, and hear them get really excited about finding a cool octopus.

If you’ve never watched before, you can watch some stream highlights on their Youtube channel. Some of my favorite videos are Brine Pool: Hot Tub of Despair, cute flapjack octopus, and WWII Airplane wreck.

Right now they’re looking at some clams and shrimp in the San Francisco Bay. They stream almost 24/7 during the summer, as long as the seas are calm. They also have a question box on their website, and they answer questions live on the stream.