Nazi Punks Fuck Off! A Punk Music Thread


OMFG don’t even get me started on MOTFD. their first album (self-titled) legit makes me feel things no other music does. I love their other 2 albums, too…I almost took a 20 hour bus trip to see them in Toronto last year but life just didn’t cooperate :cry:

they reformed last year and have been playing live shows pretty consistently since & are working on new music - they released a new song a couple months ago and it’s really good!! I’m really hopeful they’ll release an album before too long.

their bassist/singer, Natsuko Miyamoto, just released a solo album that I think is all acoustic songs…I really wanna hear it but I have no way of getting it currently. I’m keeping an eye out though.

they’re pretty heavily influenced by Number Girl (as are, apparently, every other alt rock-y sorta band out of Japan since like 2005) who are definitely worth a listen themselves. I adore Boredoms, too, especially Soul Discharge (the 29 minute version with the weird gasmask cover, I haven’t heard the re-released version or whatever the other one is that’s way longer).


anyway, taking it to a 2nd post - I’m not sure if it’s entirely what you’re looking for, but there’s a great album from 1980 by a band called INU. it’s their only release (their frontman left music to pursure a pretty successful writing career) but it’s super good, although not as heavy or raw as the stuff posted above:

there’s a band similar to MOTFD (sort of) called Qomolangma Tomato I’ve been really into lately. they released stuff on the same label as MOTFD did and I really dig their sound:

ohhh, and there’s another band called TsuShiMaMiRe that are totally awesome. really energetic stuff, I saw them back in October in this tiny dive bar and they were super cool & super nice. their stuff’s a little sparse on youtube but they’re definitely worth checking out:

and on the more experimental side of things is eX-Girl, who were active in the late 90s/early 00s. they could get pretty weird - I’m pretty sure their backstory is they claimed to be from the planet Kero Kero and were awaiting the arrival of an invasion force from their homeworld? and apparently they’d wear costumes during performances and stuff - my fave record by them is their last one, Endangered Species. really runs the gamut between a few different kinds of styles:

I hear a lot of zeuhl influence in them, if you’re familiar with that at all.


I’ve been listening to lots & lots of The Cramps over the past few days, for whatever reason.

gotta be one of the strongest bands to come out of the 70s, no?


speaking of the 70s, here’s a 60s band that helped pioneer punk as we know it today


The Monks are real good. My Bad Habits record is a prized possession.

A band I feel is often overlooked is Death, a Detriot outfit from the 70s.


I just want to know how many anarchist queer kids will never shut up about G.L.O.S.S. and Night in the Woods when they are 38 cause I for sure am on my way to the THAT uncle at family dinners.


that’s actually a different band! the UK Monks were more new-wave circa '79 and the US Monks only put out the one album in '66 (Black Monk Time). it’s interesting cause they were both important bands for punk as a genre but for very different reasons

also Death is fucking legendary and underrated


Damn! Thats some The Riptides shit!


I like a lot of music that’s punk adjacent. One of my favorite bands is NoMeansNo, a band who was probably only ‘punk’ for like, 3 albums or so before becoming A Rock Band. But their ethos though! My fav album is 0+2=1, but I’d recommend Wrong for the first timers.

I like a lot of SST bands like Black Flag and the Minutemen (anything with Mike Watt, really). I also love a lot of bands on Touch and Go, especially Laughing Hyenas and Killdozer. Do yourself a favor and listen to the Killdozer/Alice Donut EP. (I apologize to anyone who decided to listen to that album and found it to be incrediably annoying/garbage bad.)

Anyone into acoustic anarcho punk? I love Pat the Bunny. he’s not very well known, but I think his music means a lot to people who it means anything to. Sometimes his lyrics hit uh, a little too close to home for people who shared some of his uh… predilections, let’s say.


lol you can just say he speaks about his drug addiction, seems like a more mature way to handle it

i actually knew every single crust punk in high school so yeah i grew up around his stuff a ton and even went to a couple shows cause i had friends going but weirdly it never clicked for me? but i ended up liking AJJ after seeing them live

Jeff Rosenstock opened for them that show and i think he’s absolutely amazing. he started the first donation-based record label (Quote-Unquote Records) in like 2006 or something and put on so many cool small-time bands that i wouldn’t have heard of otherwise


I was tiptoeing around saying that I personally identify with themes of addiction.


Agent Orange is doing a show I’m going to soon, the only reason I know who they are is from thps4


I suppose I slowly started descending into punk and hardcore after Nirvana disappeared and was replaced by the glut of empty nineties commercialism, which never related to me and still doesn’t. From there went to countless concerts, played in bands and so on. Too much to recount, I guess.

There are a ton of bands I’d like to recommend, but maybe just the top weirdest/underrated ones on my list:

The Punchlines. Amazing band with only one album, called “It Ain’t Funny,” where every track is literally giving you the punchline before the song starts. The funniest thing no one else around me likes and I annoy people with constantly.

Math the Band. I just…love this band so much. Bunch of weirdos who grew up playing synths badly and make that the most nonsensical punk sound ever.

The Love Below. Bunch of old outcasts sick with hardcore, so they make their own, because fuck it. I just love how flippant they are. Counter the counterculture, why not. And yes, they just took the name from the Outkast album, because fuck it, again.

Merchant Ships. A bunch of fourteen year-olds with more talent in their little pinky than I’ll ever accrue in my entire life. They somehow distilled teen angst to a crystalline form and it makes me so damn envious.

I’ll stop now.


My partner actually got me that vinyl for my birthday like 2 years ago. They are too good.


Yohohohoho Hell Yea! I have a feeling some of my local DMV area record stores are gonna be livid. This is such a good way to start today.


really solid piece here on antifa punk throughout the years. lots of good selections from international bands and lesser-known groups (i’m ecstatic about National Wake and Minutemen being on here)


I’ve been a huge fan since his ska days with Arrogant Sons of Bitches. To me, he is everything right with the D.I.Y. punk scene and he’s finally getting some recognition for it.


that one ASoB radiohead cover album/live show they did


My brother raised my on local Philly/DE punk growing up, so I’ve been hooked for as long as I can remember. Started with Rancid (of course) and slowly developed into everything from Crass to the Dead Milkmen to the Descendants to Iron Lung (is power-violence a sub-genre of punk?)

Anyway, my taste in music has expanded, but some of my favorites playing today are Dillinger Four, PUP, Jeff Rosenstock, and Cayetana.


yoooooo I haven’t thought about that album in so long.

Looks like I know what I’m listening to on my drive home.