Nazi Punks Fuck Off! A Punk Music Thread


Most certainly. 100%


oh, definitely gonna check this out. I just listened to National Wake for the first time like 2 months ago, absolutely fascinating/incredible story behind them. good music too.


Power-violence has always been a toss-up for me. It blurs the line between hardcore and metal so I’m never quite sure where to place it.


I’ve found that arguing about “what is or isn’t punk” ends up leading to a shitty debate that ends up alienating a lot of marginalized people who did new & interesting or even better things in Punk music (and culture) because to a lot of people Punk music is about being an angry white suburban teen who hates authority & nothing else & I personally would rather not have that kind of discussion because it sucks & makes for a much less interesting community which is counter to what I personally think is what being Punk is all about.

Also I see the Henry Rollins Black Flag as more metal but that doesn’t take away them being punk. (Although I personally like Chuck & Keith’s time there more).


Oh, totally understand where you’re coming from! I never try and argue about what is or isn’t punk. I just like conversing with people about the lines of genres and where they stop and start, y’know? Always been fascinating to me.


Oh I love that discussion too. I however am not well versed in Power-violence so I can’t personally discus the nuances of it well but if anyone else would like to have a deep dive discussion about it by all means go right ahead.


agree with basically all of that. re: Henry Rollins Black Flag being metal, I always think of Nothing Left Inside for that:


I often think about these kinds of things, why not both? Maybe some songs are more punk, while others metal, maybe some of the more metal songs have a strong punk ethos, perhaps some songs within themselves blur the lines between and borrow from both punk and metal.


Which is why it’s fun (at least, to me) to have discussions among friends. Trying to find that line becomes more and more challenging.


I’m just too laid back with regards to language and its fluidity to really care about these things any more. Like everyone defines those genres slightly differently, so definitively saying that a song or an artist falls into one genre more than another is often just a matter of perspective.


Me and some others have already mentioned Algiers in this thread. Their style is like if you put punk, gospel, post-punk, soul, and industrial music as well as the writings of James Baldwin, Marx, and Gramsci into a blender and ended up with a delicious smoothie that manages to embody all of these disparate elements way better than anything should.

I bring this up because they just released their second album today, and it’s real good so far. If you like angry political music, or just want to hear something a bit different, definitely give it a listen!


One of my favorite recent punk bands just released their new record today: Protomartyr - Relatives In Descent

I just gave it a listen and it’s easily my favorite of theirs. They sound like a mix of “Washing Machine” era Sonic Youth, The Fall and The Ex, and if you like any of those bands you are in for a treat. They are definitely worth a listen if you like other contemporary punk bands such as Algiers, Idles, Institute and Viet Cong too.


Since we’re encouraged to recommend anti-fascist and anti-Nazi songs by punk bands, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Chumbawamba’s The Day the Nazi Died a listen. For those who haven’t heard it before and even if you have.

Here’s a sampling of the lyrics, which are still very relevant:

The world is riddled with maggots
The maggots are getting fat
They’re making a tasty meal of all
The bosses and bureaucrats

They’re taking over the boardrooms
And they’re fat and full of pride
And they all came out of the woodwork
On the day the Nazi died

So if you meet with these historians
I’ll tell you what to say
Tell them that the Nazis
Never really went away


I posted this in the New Music of 2017 thread, but Propagandhi’s new album, Victory Lap, releases today (?), so I’ll post it here too! Plus the title track is anti-fascist.

If you don’t know who they are, or you haven’t thought about them since high school, they are the only punk band I know of that has gotten faster, fiercer, more specific, more literate, and just fucking better with age.


"When the flames engulfed the home of the brave, the stampede toward the border was in vain. Faces palmed, faces paled as the wall they said would make them great could not be scaled. When the free-market fundamentalist steps on a roadside bomb outside Kandahar bleeding to death, I swear to Ayn Rand I’ll ask if he needs an invisible hand.

"You say #notallcops. You say #notallmen. Yeah you insist #itsonly99%. There’s nothing new for you to learn. Ok, sit back, relax and watch it all burn. The colossal waste of energy: talent upon the talented, freedom upon the free. This whole damn beautiful life wasted on you and me.

"God are you there? It’s me, in the denim jacket. Are you receiving my prayers through the noise and cosmic static? God are you there? Can you confirm I’m on the right goddamn planet?!?

“The day the rapture came, a forgettable event. The clouds, they opened up and not a single person went. To the chromatic whistle of a carousel calliope stomp the citizens of our clown idiot dingbat society.”



The Damned

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Yo, you wan’t to talk about the Damned lets talk about the Damned! New Rose is probably one of the best punk songs out there period imo.


How do y’all feel about Hardcore/Straightedge music? I’ve always considered it punk, but maybe that’s not right???


i think punk (and most genre names) should be viewed as a huge umbrella, which hardcore definitely falls under. i never got into straightedge specifically but some of those bands are real tight and a lot of my friends/bands in the local scene (Toronto) are definitely bringing straightedge back in a real way


I agree, it’s always rubbed me the wrong way when people stifle music discussion because they are too busy arguing over genre semantics.

I’ve always loved the dissonance of how harsh hardcore and straightedge music is while being guided by something as pure as a drug free lifestyle.


Hi everyone,

I’m new here and I’m looking for a thread/subgroup to talk about emo/punkrock. I hope I found the right place. Here are two new videos I’d like to share. First the new video for a song of Free Throw’s latest record.

And then there’s a new Audiotree session with the better than ever PUP. There’s another song on their channel.