Nazi Punks Fuck Off! A Punk Music Thread


As someone who has been straight edge for a long time I always got the feeling it was initially a reaction to the glamorization of alcoholic & drug abusing musicians. People who are incredibly talented but also clearly need help like Darby Crash who died way earlier than they should have. From my research & listening to Ian MacKaye interviews or just my uncle talking about conversations he’s had with Ian I always got the feeling he was trying to make the hardcore scene a safer space space for younger individuals who just needed a safer place. I may be wrong but thats what I felt straight edge was partly about.


Pup is my favorite band going right now. They put on such a solid live show. I was lucky and scored tickets to their New Year’s Eve show in Philly this year. I cannot fucking wait.


Holy shit, this will certainly be a great show. I’m stuck here in Europe but I caught them last year and they’re touring with The Menzingers next year.
Pup are really cool.


Especially when you consider how far a lot of people specifically in the punk scene fell in regards to drug and alcohol abuse, the straightedge scene certainly felt reactionary in a much needed way.


Ian’s reaction to violence in punk clubs too stands out since so much physical violence used to be connected to the hardcore scene. I think overall that kind of mentality helped punk overall become safer allowing for more margenalized voices feel be able to let their voices be heard which I think is why we have more LGBT & female bands who are straight up tearing up the scene right now in the best of ways.


Yeah, I always thought Minor Threat was a band I’d show my kids.

I feel like a lot of those guys had some stuff to sort though getting older with their music. There’s a super interesting pod cast where Ian and Steve Albini discuss that kind of stuff. Good to see them uncomfortable with their older edgier stuff.

(I think it’s this? )


Funny you say that because I think my dad showed them to me as a kid for that exact reason and I think he slightly regrets it now because he can never share a drink with me.


:sweat_smile: That straight edge reference nearly went over my head there. Good to hear though!

Yeah it’s awesome, rare that you see that kind of positivity in bands. Minutemen would be another one too. Love the idea that their band is just based on them writing about stuff they love. Inspired me a lot when it was a kid playing in bands.


New Propagandhi album is album of the decade for me! This thing is a RIPPER


I got into punk by a mix of Tony Hawk games, my best friend, and another one of my friends older sister.

Right now I’m listening to a ton of Gaslight Anthem, Lawrence Arms, Against Me! (who I’m seeing this Thursday at Pre-fest and super stoked), and A Wilhelm Scream.

As far as shows I think the best shows I’ve been to have been Frank Turner, Flogging Molly, and Gogol Bordello.


I’m seeing The Bronx tomorrow night and I’m trying really hard to get into their new album but nothing is really grabbing me tbh. It’s really solid but it doesn’t have those couple of stand out tracks that their albums normally have

Also I’ve been listening to the new Homeless Gospel Choir album on repeat for the last few weeks and I can’t recommend it enough. Everyone should give it a shot, the title track in particular is phenomenal


I got into punk and hardcore through my friends in high school. Around this time Napster, Limewire, etc were really popular and it made it really easy to listen to bands people recommended. I don’t think I was rebelling or super angry. I liked hardcore just because it was just like a raw emotion. And belonging to a scene was really huge. We all also claimed straight edge. I think of the group, I’m still the only one that’s still going strong.

These days, I’m having a harder time discovering new bands. I’m just not trying as hard as I used to. It was easier when I talked about bands with friends more often, and visited the B9.

Stuff I’ve been listing to lately:
Anything Converge
Exit Order - Seed of Hysteria
Krimewatch - Demo 2016
Forced Order - One Last Prayer
Foundation - Turncoat


That Exit Order lp is so good! I also love Krimewatch, those are all good recs. Along those same lines, I would recommend Cell - Demo 2017, Remwar - Demo and GAZM - Menace to tha Earth


Every so often I require something delightful, and so I spin the Almighty Defenders album, because it is fantastic. Exhibit A:

Or, you know, just queue up all the Dillinger Four albums (I wish they’d put out a new album).


Fields of Fire - One of the first local bands that got me into punk when I was in high school.

Uniform Choice - My favorite Straight Edge band

B’last - A band that took me way too long to appreciate. Saw them live and it clicked.


Just found an old high school mix CD with some gems I haven’t listened to in ages. Some of the winners:

Marked Men - A Little Time

Exploding Hearts - I’m a Pretender

Algernon Cadwallader - Some Kind of Cadwallader


good thread thus far, figured i might contribute too

agression (sic). probably my favorite of the oxnard “nardcore” scene - they’re still kicking ass 30 years later somehow

four hundred years. yes, emo counts too. this album rules please listen to it

偶想Drop - Painfully Violent

hyperlinked b/c nsfw thumbnail. idol punk a la BiS, feels weird to enjoy but still good

and finally, here’s three eYe bands:


Guso Drop fucking rules. it sucks they disbanded


my favorite band.


Oh shit this thread is still going.
I recently discovered a band called Big Joanie and I think they’re pretty fucking good.

And heres their bandcamp page.

Seems like they’ve been around for a hot minute but hey I was tuned out for a while.