Nazi Punks Fuck Off! A Punk Music Thread


I’m pretty stoked for this new Primal Rite album.

I probably wouldn’t have scoped them out if it weren’t for the new America’s Hardcore comp making me aware of some of the active hardcore bands.


Probably one of my favorite bands period just dropped a teaser for their upcoming album & folks y’all are missing out if you aren’t paying attention to Skating Polly.


This week I fell pretty hard into this London based punk label and distro called La Vida Es Un Mus. They have most of their releases on Bandcamp and there is some awesome stuff on there.

What I really like about this label is that they put out some releases from bands from all over the world and go out of their way to promote artists from underrepresented backgrounds. The band bios on their bandcamp are also well written and informative. Here are some of my favorites after a week of obsessively listening to as many records as I could.

Sial - a band form Singapore that sings in the language of Singapore’s indigenous minority

Rixe - a contemporary French Oi! band where every song is an anthem

Haram - a band from New York that sings entirely in Arabic

Exotica - also from New York with members form Mexico and Argentina

They also put out the latest album from Limp Wrist! Did anyone else know that Limp Wrist put out a new record this year? Cuz I certainly missed it. It’s very good and has a house track at the end.

I also started reading the Bandcamp Daily articles, they are really good and totally worth a read. Like this article on Southeast Asian screamo or this one about The Women of Latin American Electronic Music. Bandcamp is really getting to be fucking rad nowadays and I’m going to start paying more attention to it than the other subscription based streaming stuff that’s available.


Yo this is rad! Thanks for posting this!


A love song for the ages <3


Holy shit I haven’t heard this in over a decade, easily.


I can’t stop listening this album:

Came out last year. I don’t even remember how I heard about it, but it’s been my jam for a while.

DIY pop punk from some queer, black, atheist kids. More of stuff like this in my life please!


I think my first real punk band (or at least punk adjacent) that I listened to was Big Black. I don’t remember how I discovered them. I don’t even really remember where the origins of my interest in punk music really began. I started to get interested in punk music when I was at the University of Texas at Austin.


japanese punk rules

The Stalin - Stop Jap

G.I.S.M. - Nih Nightmare

Bastard - Wind of Pain

Swankys - Bad Brain

Romantic Gorilla - Hanage


Fucked Up is doing some of the most interesting things in Punk today. This song (and the album it comes off of) is fantastic.


X-Ray Spex - Oh Bondage Up Yours!

Found out about this a few months ago and it quickly became my favorite punk song ever.


R.U.T.A. is a polish music project, who base their songs on traditional folk songs from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, mainly the ones that had to do with pesants’ upraisings. Worth checking out, some of their songs have neat animated music videos (like this one):

I am not into their music but Homomilitia may be worth checking out, especialy since it was active in 90s while having name like this and an openly gay vocalist.


Oh sh*t, I can’t believe I forgot to mention them but: Hańba (shame, disgrace it’s a word that’s shouted a lot at demonstrations) is a polish band who are uh, pretending to be a band from interwar Poland, often singing interwar poems or songs. They are real good and I would highly encourge to check them out.


Acute is a band I really like, they’re a japanese hardcore band with (usually) a woman singing, of what I’ve listened to this is the best album I think but my favorite songs are on another one.


"They told me that the classics never go out of style but, they do, they do. "

  • except this one


Just wanted to give a shout out to everyone who has posted on this thread. I’ve learned about so many different bands and styles of punk that I never would have learned of otherwise. That said all these recent song recommendations have made me go back to listening to the Germs.


Oh man I haven’t listened to The Germs since Middle School. Lexicon Devil is such a great track, too.

I recently discovered The Cigarettes. Good shit.

I also don’t think anyone’s posted MDC in this thread yet so I will for good measure.

I come back to this thread every once in a while and I’m always delighted to see all the cool stuff people have posted! It’s always fun to discover new punk.


New Krimewatch LP came out.


I’m a huge sucker for RVIVR.
They do pretty upbeat punk music that seems more
“Fuck you I’m going to live my life”, and less
“Fuck you I’m Angry at the man”.

They do songs about just being in funk, that being ok, you can get through it.


Grew up going to punk shows in the 80s and I spent decades of my life playing in punk and rock bands no one would ever hear of. It was so, so important to me. I was a suburbinite kid who started taking the train into the city (Boston) when I was 12 and we went to these legitimately dangerous feeling places that became our home. It was aggressive, there were fights, there was a lot of sleazy shit going on, but by and large, you were welcomed. I remember proudly the first time I saw a group of Nazis get the shit kicked out of them when they had the idiocy to show up at a 7 Seconds show and start trouble with a vehemently anti-fascist crowd.

I can’t really say every band I adored survived the test of time. There are groups I loved and if I’m still being honest probably still love in my heart that said a TON of problematic shit-- even if most of it was what we probably know as edge-lord-ism these days. But the anger, the feeling of being understood by others who didn’t fit in-- it was great.

Also-- you had to discover these groups through elder tribes-people back then. The older brother or sister, or the aging hipster working the door at the club. They’d make you mixes, give you an order form for small labels, etc. It was a rite of passage to discover music this way.

I’m a professor these days in the arts, and the one thing I’ll say despite the fact that I love most of my students is this: There isn’t nearly enough subversion going on in their art for me.