Nazi Punks Fuck Off! A Punk Music Thread


Well said. That was what kept me coming back to shows. It was a constant feeling of being constantly in danger while being completely safe. It was an exhilarating feeling that was amplified and played into the music I was going to see.


I think that despite some of the true awfulness that the internet is capable of bringing in terms of cruelty to people, I think it has also functioned, when positively, much like those spaces we’d go see those shows. There was no internet, so walking into, say, The Rat in Kenmore Square in Boston brought you that feeling of community I think many young people find on the internet in certain corners. These were MY kind of “freaks”; these were people who got me. It wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops and kumbaya, but on the other hand, it WAS often a very positive experience with people who looked out for each other and had respect for their fellow outcasts. I seriously wish all marginalized teens could have an experience like that.


This just came on my Spotify shuffle and I was immediately into it. One of my favorite things about punk is how it is completely ok not to take yourself too seriously. Sometimes you just want to have some fun.


I’m gunna be in the Seattle area later this month. Are there any good Punk/Hardcore venues that I could look up?



Oh woooooooooord. New Tragedy album out of nowhere.


The latest one from Gouge Away is good. Didn’t know they got signed on Deathwish.


Oh man is this the thread for me. Been jamming so much lately.

Really good “nerd core” pop punk stuff. I almost feel stupid for not having gotten into The Ergs sooner!

I’ve been obsessed with this 7" since it came out and I can’t wait until their full length drops next month.


Seeing that Ian MacKaye and Tony Hawk met up in DC yesterday to talk about music & skateboarding brought me back to my teenage years where they were my big heroes.


I saw that picture on Instagram! Tony Hawk has been doing some collection video thing on Youtube lately, or at least he did one episode on his giant collection of skateboard shit. So I’m hoping he does some cool thing on the Dischord House, although I wouldn’t hold my breath.