Nearly Four Months Later, ‘Mario Maker 2’ Is Already Feeling Stale

I played Super Mario Maker nearly every day for more than a year, and while I experienced many things during that time—joy, sadness, anger, frustration, despair—boredom was rare. The community was electric, and Nintendo was regularly adding new content, keeping things fresh. (Did you know the game didn’t originally have checkpoints?!) But nearly four months after the release of Super Mario Maker 2, months in which I’ve been checking in on the game almost every day, I can feel the b word bubbling to the surface. I’m getting bored.

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After Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it is so odd to see Super Mario Maker 2 go so long between updates. I was really hoping that Nintendo would be on it as they were with Splatoon 2, but alas no. I guess they have their hands busy with other projects, but still…

It’s really disappointing, because Nintendo wouldn’t even need to add much. They could literally add one construction item a month, and the Mario Maker community would find a million ways to use it. The MM community is literally the most creative gaming community I’ve ever seen.

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I dunno, I feel like I’d have a very hard time describing myself as disappointed in a game if i was able to play it daily for four months before getting bored.

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